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    [Feb 22, 2014] Toasted Ravs 3 (Saint Louis, Missouri)

    Accepting all middle tier (ice climbers and below) grudge matches
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    RoMo 11 Results

    It's okay, Karl. Brandon put my name as "Hoifel" in the pools
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    Toasted Ravs - Fall 2013

    shoutouts to vista for suddenly becoming stupid good at pm
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    STL BarWarz Spring Melee Tourney Results

    Great job in the amateur bracket, Jimmy
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    Rolla Monthly VI

    Sounds right to me
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    Springfield, MO discussion thread

    Bandito the Sherrif has expressed interest in this event
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    Pathways Smash XII May - Ft. Dart, Iori, KC, StL, Arkansas, and more!

    Dart's phone number for those who are carpooling with him 309 696 5934
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    MELEE-FC10R done!

    Accepting all hot wing eating contest MMs Whoever can eat the most blazin wings from BWW wins
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    MELEE-FC10R done!

    oh goodness 50 pages
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    MELEE-FC10R done!

    100% going to this as if my life depended on it
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    Springfield, MO discussion thread

    ANY chance of picking me up from Columbia? I will pay generous gas money. I really want to go.
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    Springfield, MO discussion thread

    But for real is anyone willing to pick me up from como? I'm very willing to pay gas money
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    Springfield, MO discussion thread

    Anyone willing to take me to SMYM? I'll pay gas money
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    Rolla Monthly II ft. Dart, Darkatma, Jace, etc. & $100 pot bonus for Brawl

    Shiiiiiit, I also played Stepmania one-handed Stepmania was the highlight of my life at age 14
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    St.Louis Area Discussion Thread

    I like marth he is a pretty cool guy
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