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    Southwest Smash On Sight! Resurrection

    Smash On Sight! Whats up everyone! I'm back and the break is over! if you havent already i strongly advise you to getting added to the West Texas Smash Hub and check out the past few announcements i've made already. Its going to be a good one so if you're free come on by and test your skillz...
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    KDJ Returns to Smash for Shine 2016

    this is so legit! i hope he has a good amount of stream time :D
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    Southwest Smash On Sight 5!

    Smash On Sight 5 Whats up everyone!!! Ok i know its been WAY too long, but with graduations and summer coming i've been very busy but we're getting caught up and back on schedule. This will be the 5th tournament of the SOS tournament series and you guys make it better and better everytime so...
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    The Petition to Legitimize eSports Has Been Signed

    if thats the case then why are you even here lol you can disagree and say its not a sport, thats fine or whatever, but to say "hopefully the feds don't allow this" and deny foreign players the chance to compete is just sh**ty for you to say GTFO :laugh:
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    Leffen's US Visa Application has been Denied

    he's been using a tourist visa but since he's sponsored by an American team he has to have a work visa since he's coming over here to technically "work" for TSM but they're not permitting it to him because to the government melee is neither work nor a legitimate sport
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    Last Stock Legends Presents: Ken vs. Bombsoldier

    freakin love it, the history is so interesting as well as important, plus just seeing this interview with bombsoldier and captain jack, i feel like they were all just such good sports and modest ya know, now when i go to tourneys i can literally feel the shade lol also long live the king of smash!
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    Tournament Streaming

    i was thinking that too, because you can plug 2 headsets up via usb but the OBS software will only use 1 source for the mic so probably have to use the headphone input with a splitter so you can have 2 headsets at once
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    Editoral: A Smashing Debate, Part 1

    3 stocks>>>
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    Rate The Last Movie You Watched

    i know i'm in the minority with this one but i really enjoyed Pixels, i'd say 9/10 It was fun and yes silly of course but i mean come on, its an adam sandler movie thats how its supposed to be. i really enjoyed it and it made me appreciate the old school arcade games, kinda makes me wish there...
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    What are you curently listening to?

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> This band has been my favorite since 08, and this song is my all time fav! even got some of the lyrics tatted on my back also yeah i cant put an embedded video up for...
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    Transcending Barriers: Transgender Women in Smash

    its crazy how out of wack this is all getting, it sucks too because i feel like if you even have an opinion at all, someone will bite your head off. now i understand some people get harassed. whether they be women, transgender, but i mean male players also get harassed by better skilled players...
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    Leffen Becomes a Red Bull Athlete

    so hyped! hopefully they'll help him with his visa issue
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    Mashable Presents: Lucky's Story

    i've always enjoyed lucky's play, he seems like a cool dude
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    Can i stream on twitch with a hotspot?

    hello everyone! not sure if this is the right spot to put this post but anyways i'm hosting a tournament and i have all the stream equipment. the only problem is that the venue has no wi-fi whatsoever, so i was just curious, would i be able to stream the tournament via hotspot??? and if so which...
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