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  • Just looked at your latest post in the SSBU Ruling Philosophy, and I humbly agree on your approach on a new game, such as Smash Ultimate, and that's staying as flexible as possible, and looking at the entire game as a whole instead of looking at "a small slice of pie." As I've played the Smash series since 1999 as of February, and have been through many tournaments, I've learned 1 major thing when going from one Smash game to the next: Treat every iteration future game of Smash as if it's a brand new game, where everything in the game is new; just because old mechanics are either being brought back and what-not, doesn't mean that they're not going to be affected in any sort of way/fashion.
    Also, in my opinion, I always like to try new things, heck I've tried a Smash tournament with the use of items (sounds crazy), but out of most of the tournaments I've been through throughout my years, I've had more fun doing that than having a boring 1v1 matchup w/o them, but that's to be expected.
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