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    The Definitive Lloyd Irving Thread - LLOYD SURVIVES THE SLAUGHTER!

    As someone who has just recently started playing & enjoying Tales of Symphonia, I would love to be counted as a supporter for Lloyd!
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    TAKE THAT! Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney smashes the prosecution!

    I'd like to be added as a Phoenix Wright supporter too!
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    Steel Thy Shovel! Shovel Knight Support Thread!

    Add me to the list of Shovel Knight supporters! :)
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    Sunrise Up Again! Isaac for Smash Ultimate DLC

    Be sure to add me to the list too!
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    Toad/Captain Toad for Smash, Toad Brigade Assemble!

    I'm ready to add my support as well!
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    Please Promote Me For DLC- Starfy for Smash

    I'm putting out my love & support for Starfy too! :b:
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    Congratulations, Min Min! ARMS character(s) for Smash discussion

    ARMS looks like a fun new game that I would like to get into! Having a character from this game in Smash seems pretty likely to me. SUPPORT!
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    Social The Ice Climber Communitiy

    I miss playing as Ice Climbers, so I very much support their return in Smash!
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    Social Lower Norfair

    I'm here to support Ridley! I still think he has a chance!
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    Arle Nadja, Puyo Popper Extraordinaire pops into Smash Bros.! (New Management!)

    After playing the Switch demo of Puyo Puyo Tetris, I've gotten quite interested in this series! I find puzzle games like these relaxing and challenging at the same time. I think it would be pretty sweet to have Arle in Smash Bros.! Support!
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    Super Bomber Bros! - Bomberman for Super Smash Bros. - Assist Trophy for SSBU

    Bomberman is my most-wanted third party character. He'll get all of my support!
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    Rayman Revolution - See You In Rayman 4!

    I'm here to give my support for Rayman in the next Smash!
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    Alola's Arboreal Archer - The Decidueye for Smash Thread (RIP the dream)

    I would like to support Decidueye for Smash Switch!
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