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Recent content by Craeter

  1. Craeter

    Lubbock/Amarillo: Endangered species...

    Kyle wants to take his Bronson to the next level
  2. Craeter

    Lubbock/Amarillo: Endangered species...

    Wassup. Me and Jakob got a new team ...NAME. And Kyle wants SoPo (ddd) and Nana (diddy) to happen at some point heh.
  3. Craeter

    The BRSTM Factory! Request a Song!

    Oh, well in that case does someone else happen to have makebrstm.exe?
  4. Craeter

    The BRSTM Factory! Request a Song!

    Ok cool I'll send moosehunter a message then. I'm really just looking for a quick and easy way to convert a lot of mp3s to brstms for my wii, so I'd rather not bother learning how to make them all over again, heh. Also it's pretty neat that you guys have a website specifically made for music...
  5. Craeter

    The BRSTM Factory! Request a Song!

    Hey do any of you happen to have a link to that makebrstm.bat file converter? The mediafire file on the original post links to a youtube converter, and its supporting files apparently aren't coded to allow mp3s to be dropped on them or even opened normally. I have plenty of 320kbps songs I'd...
  6. Craeter

    DMT #12 Oh the upsets!!

    Oh yeah, forgot about dubs. DAT WAHFT.
  7. Craeter

    DMT #12 Oh the upsets!!

    I have Dakota losing to Bronson on my wii then him kicking Bronson in the rear for two more matches lol. I wanna do shoutouts but I dunno who is on smashboards? lol Dakota: Man your so good. Thanks for the tips like last time, I enjoyed our friendlies. that IC main: I feel like the only...
  8. Craeter

    The BRSTM Factory! Request a Song!

    Hey darksamus would you happen to have a mirror for your brstm ez mode maker? I recently got back into Brawl and I've gotta make a new SD but I'm too lazy/don't remember how to make my old music. Maybe you could help me out? :) These are the two main songs I would like.. Richochet Love...
  9. Craeter

    Lubbock/Amarillo: Endangered species...

    Yessir. I hate this site's new banner. Not to be a hater or anythin. But I hate it.
  10. Craeter

    Lubbock/Amarillo: Endangered species...

    Just remembered I have an account.. lulz
  11. Craeter

    Brawl easy or difficult to play?

    Or any Korean game for that matter.
  12. Craeter

    Phase 5 - Jan 30 - Dallas, TX = Dojo / Razer / Gnes = UTD Zac's last tournament

    I talked to him, and idk if it's his last tournament, but he said it's too hard to travel as a grad student. But he also said he will still host tournaments as long as people keep showing up. :)
  13. Craeter

    Who's your favorite character, 2010 edition!

    Whats so great about Lucario anyways... >.>
  14. Craeter

    Seibrik Does It Again: New DDD Specific AT!

    Haha nice, I thought DDD would never get any new ATs, kudos Seibrik! :) I'll start practicing it tonight.
  15. Craeter

    How does Ultimate Razer Choose his controller port with Wii mote and Nunchuck?

    Well gc controllers take up whichever port they are in and obviously won't let a wiichuck connect to that port. I'm sure he either discusses what port the other player should have in relation to his in singles, or just doesn't care.
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