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Recent content by Coyle

  1. Coyle

    is K.Rool's gut check even worth using?

    Yeah, that's true. The rest of his body is intangible during the same frames his belly can counter, but only his gut will trigger the counter. You can still counter moves that come behind you, but they would need to pass through his back and reach his tum-tum. He'll then turn to counter the...
  2. Coyle

    King K Rool is balanced but annoying

    No character is flushed out. I’m sure you can try and find ways to play more aggressively against KRool. See you out there!
  3. Coyle

    is K.Rool's gut check even worth using?

    If you tap back when you do the counter he’ll turn around. I came across this tip when looking through the KRool character tips they have in the game. This makes it easier to throw it out when you run past an opponent.
  4. Coyle

    Frame Data & Hitbox Data (Update 12/12018)

    @Videocatbox Just FYI brotendo: You've got Fair listed twice. The bottom one is Dair. Also: Counter comes out on Frame 4 and lasts until 15. If it misses you're unactionable until frame 68. Dash Attack hits on frames 7- ~22 (he stops moving mostly on frame 20, so I think this is more...
  5. Coyle


    Since you’ve just started you shouldn’t really be focusing on too much Falcon-specific tech. You’ve got to learn more basic things like how to short hop, L-cancel, wavedash, etc. To a newcomer those will take a while to get down. A big part of Falcon is movement, so if you can’t move you can’t...
  6. Coyle

    Netplay and College dont mix well. please help<3

    Guide from Anther's Ladder: https://www.smashladder.com/help/direct_ip_hosting/1 Follow the pics and press continue at the bottom
  7. Coyle

    Claw For Falcon: Yay Or Nay?

    You might find it hurts your hands. It might not. It might help your overall gameplay with Falcon. You might not need to learn it to get those gains. Results may vary. If it sounds good to you, try it out
  8. Coyle

    Netplay and College dont mix well. please help<3

    Try it out. It's your best bet. You're able to do this on 7161, yeah.
  9. Coyle

    If Sheik D-Throws You

    I would take that as a learning opportunity to become great at the match up. Expose that dude, bruh. If you face any Sheiks better than him, they'll have more to rely on than basic d-throw techchase, and then you'll really wanna get PAL.
  10. Coyle

    Claw For Falcon: Yay Or Nay?

    Make what easier? Only thing I can think of is what Mastodon said, instant u-airs
  11. Coyle

    Question About Comboing

    Falcon can rack up tons of damage from a grab. Mid/fast fallers you generally want to d-throw from low to mid %, u-throw to maybe 70-ish%, and then go back to d-throw. Floatier characters generally get u-thrown at lower percents. Try to predict where they'll go after being thrown, and meet them...
  12. Coyle

    Project Falcon

    It's the 3rd registered hitbox. So if either of his leg hitboxes hit the opponent before/at the same time, then they will register instead. The only difference between his nipple spike hitbox and the others is the angle that it sends the opponents, which is at 290°. The others are 270°...
  13. Coyle

    How to improve falon movement?

    Nah, it's not. Gotta conserve them frames.
  14. Coyle

    Falco is stupid and I need help

    I think you're referring to Z-powershielding. Documented by Kadano here. The problem with Z-powershielding is that in order to initiate shield with Z, you need to have already pressed and be holding A. Now, you can press and hold onto A during frames when your character is "busy" (during landing...
  15. Coyle

    Project Falcon

    That's a really interesting idea. There might be something new hiding in that data. At the very least it'd be cool to see it with in-game photos. I'll download CrazyHand to start on it.
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