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Recent content by Corona

  1. Corona

    Shout out to all the Link mains at EVO 2015!!!!!

    Didn't make it out of pools, but I still had an awesome time regardless.
  2. Corona

    Event - EVO 2016 Lost and Found

    I know this has a near 0% chance of working, but I know that I and others must of lost personal items during Evo. Unfortunately, during the Salty Party at the Marquee, I was walking around with my bag unzipped, and I lost my black controller. One of the newer ones with the smash ball on it. Any...
  3. Corona

    What was your inspiration to play Jigglypuff?

    After years of dabbling with the perfect secondary to my main (Link, for better or for worse), Jigglypuff became the answer to the question due to her matchups against Sheik and Falcon. It is a work in progress, but I will stick with this secondary.
  4. Corona

    How to practice by your self

    When it comes to 20XX solo play, what level CPU is best to train against? Or does it depend on the character?
  5. Corona

    New Grab Setup?

    I just want to say for a second, SAUS, you are Godlike. We see you at GOML, incredible display against The Moon. I also saw Fair off ledge < Grab not work in cases where I would of done the exact same thing. Duly noted.
  6. Corona

    Peach - The optimal teammate?

    It also really helps that Azusa went SSJ4 on Mango's Falcon half that time.
  7. Corona

    New Grab Setup?

    Another setup somewhat like this is Bomb OOS in grab range, hold in trigger, and shield grab. Same sort thing where they can act out of it, but at low percents against fast fallers, it works pretty well.
  8. Corona

    Useless moves? Maybe not?

    This might have been said already, I didn't read all of the responses, but leaving a bomb on the edge while certain characters are recovering (mainly Marth, but this could feasibly work on the spacies, Samus, and anyone else with a hitbox through most of their recovery) adds pressure for them to...
  9. Corona

    Link Matchups Thread

    Look up Taj's Link vs Axe's Pika for that answer haha
  10. Corona

    Event - EVO 2016 EVO Hotels

    I just realized I cannot edit polls once a vote is submitted. I apologize for the mistake. Please lock.
  11. Corona

    Event - EVO 2016 EVO Hotels

    If you are staying at a hotel which is not listed, reply here, and I'll add it to the list. This will be a "player finder" of sorts for friendlies. Votes to the poll will be public.
  12. Corona

    Optimizing Link

    Skler had an extremely good guide of his own in the pinned section (link no longer works unfortunately), and the newer guide up there is pretty good as well. If you do a little searching on youtube, I think I remember HDL having a video where he gives his advice for a multitude of situations...
  13. Corona

    Secondaries for Link Mains

    Sheik is the better of the two against Falcon. Both are good choices, though.
  14. Corona

    Secondaries for Link Mains

    Also a "natural" low tier Secondary > a forced high tier Secondary.
  15. Corona

    Secondaries for Link Mains

    The Fox Matchup is the only matchup of the major public enemies (Sheik, Falcon, and Fox) which Marth succeeds in greater than Jiggly or Icies. Against Sheik, I am pretty sure it is a general consensus that Marth has a slight Disadvantage against Sheik whereas the Icies have a neutral or slight...
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