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Recent content by Corigames

  1. Corigames

    OFFICIAL AZ Power Rankings & Social Thread (Updated: 11/27/13)

    I miss you guys and this place ;_;
  2. Corigames

    double missle

    Most characters/players will just Nairplane through missiles.
  3. Corigames

    EXTENNNDUURRRRRR (samus gen. disc.)

    1. https://www.reddit.com/r/SSBM/comments/4cftg0/new_extender_tech_with_applesmaushcorigames_xpost/ New extender tech. Hadn't been posted here yet, so I thought I drop this here in case any of you missed other postings. 2. @Thor It's hard to discuss every part of the Fox MU in total, but here's...
  4. Corigames

    EXTENNNDUURRRRRR (samus gen. disc.)

    Goomy, I want to challenge you to a swag video contest using only tournament footage.
  5. Corigames

    EXTENNNDUURRRRRR (samus gen. disc.)

    Can you do it in tournament against players that don't recover in bad ways, Goomy? :P
  6. Corigames

    Weird results with RI Grapple Cancel(?)

    I talk about this in my guide.
  7. Corigames

    Help on Samus combos

    unCharged shot combo: https://gfycat.com/SparsePhonyCygnet Also, I agree with the people above. You don't really have sick combos with Samus. You have strong hits, a great recovery, and lots of poking in neutral.
  8. Corigames

    Falco Help?

    1. Powershielding. It's the future. Fight fire with 1/2 reduced damage fire. If you get consistent with powershielding, the neutral game will open up to you immensely. 2. If they are safely spacing aerials on your shield, then that means they are susceptible to attacks. Do an Fsmash: you reel...
  9. Corigames

    EXTENNNDUURRRRRR (samus gen. disc.)

    I think if you could turn a whiffed grab into an extender unlock, you at least netted some benefit out of it. I'm just worried if doing it as an option select, like wall teching UpBs, would mess with grab punishes if you do happen to land the grab.
  10. Corigames

    EXTENNNDUURRRRRR (samus gen. disc.)

    "We wondered if it would be optimal to always (when attempting to grab) do the input for the extender?" If (ask == "me") answer = yes; else answer = no; 1. There's no point in getting the extender if you don't use it. If you're going to go through the trouble of training yourself to have it...
  11. Corigames

    Extender Grappple Button Combo (now with frame data)

    The last comment in this thread before yours was from 2008. Seven years ago. There have been other recently-replied-to threads that were also several years old getting replied to. It use to be infractionable to post in a thread over a year old (with exceptions), but the boards are so slow now...
  12. Corigames

    EXTENNNDUURRRRRR (samus gen. disc.)

    20XX has 1p inputs to control 2p using the Dpad. I use the Dpad to activate extender. I think I've ****ed up some people in bracket because of this. Thoughts?
  13. Corigames

    Extender Grappple Button Combo (now with frame data)

    What's with all these necro posts?
  14. Corigames

    Doc and DK MUs

    I get bodied by Falcon, so I'll not give advice there. Played Westballz DK, didn't get bodied: DK's shield is bad. His head pokes out a little after a little bit of shield damage, so he has to hold up to cover it. When you do your MCs, just aim for the head and force him to tilt it up and then...
  15. Corigames

    Ice Beam Charge Shot?+ Any Buffs you think Samus needs

    Balancing issues for Samus: Make her UpB do the first hitboxes in the air so that they don't clank. Seriously, clanking with my UpB is one of the most frustrating things to happen. Make bomb hitboxes standard instead of transcendent or whatever-the-**** they are. Let me escape combos like I do...
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