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    A game you hate but everyone else loves?

    Any MOBA, any online card game, dating sims, if it falls in one of those categories, I immediately hate it. I guess those aren't specific games, but you can apply that to a lot of stuff. I just do not like those formats of play, I do not find them enjoyable (from a player perspective). Card...
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    Am I weird, or is this a common thing?

    I have very few close friends, but I'm not an introvert. I like to say I am, but I'm not. I get that it's a growing thing these days, too, what with having grown up socializing behind screens, makes the whole first-time face-to-face thing a little jarring. I say I'm an introvert, though, to...
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    Ganondorf's Up Tilt

    I have nothing to add that hasn't been said already, but as an edge guard tool it works surprisingly well on the likes of Mac, Cloud, and Falcon because of their inability to snap to the ledge/ extended hurtboxes/ slow animations.
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    Drunk Ganon Options and Combos - Anything here thats unknown?

    Around %100-ish (character dependent, obviously) Sour dash attack into up special uppercut for a true combo kill on some characters. Sour dash attack into up special hug also works, and while it won't kill like fair will, it's more consistent and deals more % than nair or uair. I've never seen...
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    What are some fun themed matches for Smash 4?

    While not "themed" there are a lot of cool match formats you can do with custom stages and special smash rules. One that I like is going to stages with a lot of walled off areas/ corridors (sort of like a dungeon) as an 8-player Stamina match. There's a custom stage called Calamity Castle that's...
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    Janky glitch thing with fthrow or ftilt?

    Done in training mode, with CPU set to "Control", with the controller unplugged, so there was no DI. Still haven't found a solution for this. Continues to confuse the hell out of me. There's literally no effect this would ever have on actual competitive play (well, I mean, unless you tried to...
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    Janky glitch thing with fthrow or ftilt?

    I'm looking for an answer here, because I can't reason one. I'm legitimately baffled, and I don't have the resources to test framedata or anything. Essentially, dependent on the direction Roy fthrows Bowser at 0, ftilt will either phantom hit or hit for a true combo 100% of the time. If you...
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    Roys f-throw-> n-air? Any tips? (Closed)

    Most Roy combos work better with percent tacked on. Easiest example to see is jab -> jab. At 0 it doesn't work on a lot of characters, but it will almost always work if 3 or 4 percent is already on them. This is because at higher knockback, you are stuck in the 'hit' animation for a longer...
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    Meta Link's Metagame Thread (Informative Quotes Can Be Found in the OP)

    I thought this would be the case, but it does affect his physical position and hurtboxes, no? I mean, even if the teleport doesn't net you any extra distance, it does at least affect Link's placement and allow him that little slide, right? I'm humbled to know this has already been discovered and...
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    Meta Link's Metagame Thread (Informative Quotes Can Be Found in the OP)

    I was practicing perfect pivots in training the other day, generally just getting a better feel for Link's grounded movement, when I noticed something really, really freaky. I've tested this with a number of other characters, but I have yet to find one that it works as noticeably as with Link...
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    Atlantic South CEO 2016 Fighting Game Championships

    What if Hungrybox takes another major? What if Hungrybox becomes HungryGOAT?
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    Philosophic Analysis: Fight the gimper!

    Just because your off-stage does not mean you're disadvantaged. Turn it into a profitable interaction! Our gut instinct, seeing the opponent leap from their respective perch with intent to kill, is to slap that airdodge and hope it's well-timed, otherwise expect a swift retribution. It's a...
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    Which Smash has the most shield-breaks?

    Shield breaks, as we all know, are one of the hypest, though equally disgraceful mechanics in all of Smash. Through relentless pressure, or your opponent's inattentiveness, you are given an uncontested opportunity to end their stock immediately. I've seen (admittedly, more than I'm comfortable...
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    Atlantic North Do or DI - A Smash Major - $6500 Smash Pot-Bonus Sponsored by

    Great stuff. 6 messages in to your Smashboards membership and you're already being toxic. I love this community! On-Topic: WOAH THAT POT BONUS. That might even bring ZeRo in, if not Nairo or someone else like them.
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    Official Official Updated Melee Panel Tier List and Community Voted Results

    I'm not a competitive Melee player, and never have claimed to be, so coming from the standpoint of someone who considers themselves solely a spectator, I agree with the tiers entirely. As the meta continues to evolve, it will only become more concrete. After more than a decade of tournament...