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  • Hey, gai, if you're going to Crewfest Tres,

    wanna team with Rey REy?
    oh id liked to go ;D however since im only 15 with no ride/license and i have babysitting plans already ;-;

    oh well =P Also next tourny we are both at could i get some friendlies against you and my Zss/lucas? (maybe jiggz if its fun lol xD)

    that reminds me! sorry for being silly and asking ya if you used Jigg on the livestream x-x
    hey coney sorry for bugging you but i am trying to learn about dedede and use him for fun more.

    Any advice as to do well? (ive already read that hella long guide and now my eyes hurt xD)
    when I first started coming onto the SWF DDD surprised me the most out of being ranked so high. DDD is a fun character though i just can't play him or seeing him doing exceptional like the others around him. But eh results are results i guess.

    Ah that's why you went Wario. And yes DDD obv. is better than lucas or puff but they are still fun and apparantly my best (though i wanna get better with ZSS i still have a long way to go because she is so ****in precise :laugh:)

    Actually a friend of mine from England is coming in tomorrow and he is gonna be staying with me for a couple weeks now that it is summer so I can't go to Gamepad. But the next one for sure. Plus i got a surprise soon but that'll be kept a secret for a bit longer =P
    lol next tournament I am finally gonna bring out my Low tiers

    using high tiers in a tournament when im a low tier main isn't really working out too well lol.

    ZSS/GW =/= Lucas/Jiggs

    still a Lucas/ZSS main though =P
    lol ah kk then.

    lmao! playing puff that way is funny xD Me i am a pretty fail Jiggs but I still try. =P same with my other characters.

    Still using Jiggs is a good thing so yay.
    you have Jiggs as your smash character.

    Do you use her as well? It'd be cool if I wasn't the only one who uses her in our area. ;_;
    dontr get me wrong i completely understand where your coming from............i dont blame you i would think the same just trying to inform you the truth wheather you belive it or not i wanted to confront you because we actually never talked about it..............i hang out with sin because he lives close and you never invite me to brawl ]:
    for the las time i wasnt a lookout and he said i took 10 dollors from someones wallet which he lied and i said im not looking i didnt see anything because i didnt want to be part of cousin didnt steal your money i swear on my parents guys searched us clean and he gets mad every time i say that because he has a job and he said its for kids why would he steal someones money................ive never stole anything from anyone in md/va neither has my cousin............all i do is troll on boards and talk trash because im bored but i wish i could tell you who took your money but i didnt or my cousin.............same way with da kid i told hime i had my money for the hotel and sin didnt...........i paid his half so people wont be like sin and lie..................we are not brothers at all and are nothing alike
    zak if you're going to the PA tourney, we should team for good practice at MLG.

    Hit me up, dood. Only competition is Candy+boss. :o
    I just spent the past 10 minutes of my life laughing at all your ridiculous gifs.

    yo coney it's matt.... i need a fav... next time you around i'ma need every char you got minus d3... for matchup exp... especially peach...
    wats good did you get out safely and im ready to download brawl minus wish me luck.
    I finally did it! :D

    I got WAD manager to work. One simple thing: downgrade.

    *facepalm* Thx, brahski.
    WTF, you said installing WAD manager is easy, but it's being really anal.

    Plus, all the tutorials are being gay and showing the already installed managers without showing you how to do it.

    RAGE! >_<
    hey, just curious
    do you still have the 'i throw waddle don'ts' video?
    my friend at school is picking up d3 and he should totally pirate your style
    lol jk
    but yeah, could you send it to me sometime? one of my favorite combo vids
    just curious, do you have a teammate for game haven?
    just curious because im tired of wandering around trying to team with randoms :)
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