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  • yo coney. apparently I didn't get a pass for you online for whobo. so, once you get there you can pick up my badge. it's under ripple. I can e-mail you the confirmation notice so you can get it, just in case they ask for that. I'll register at the door.

    Is this a legitimate top 3? Because i'm just going to give this to the character PR
    Little nemo eh? the thick arms remind me of this game I played with a friend at a smashfest of mine :D.

    The graphics look really good considering it's NES (shading and such)
    no prob. it also depends on DC traffic too, I gotta pick up Alan so I might be back at my house at 7:30 or a bit later, so if you wanted to leave a bit later you can
    lol ok i'll text him tomorrow. Honestly it would be in your best interest. Less competition and we have that $800 guaranteed payout which only pays slightly less than KTAR. Your biggest comp so far is m2k/inui.
    He told me a long time ago that hes going mostly Kirby cuz of me, and I was quite flattered. But I'm quite sure it's because the first months being there, he was getting hit hard by Falcos and MKs who were more experienced than him. It was a good change at the time since he seemed to have hit a plateau, it wouldn't surprise me if he went back to DDD later on and did better than ever.

    I agree with the LGL. What can you do indeed? Just make sure next time you do the same things, except better. It's always fun rooting for the underdogs when they're against the tops, and your matches weren't disappointments. ;)
    JV-3 stock, man, heavy props! If you would've 3-stocked M2K your name would've gone down in Brawl history, but JV-3's just as good in my eyes. I can only imagine what he must've been thinking when you did that! Just wanted to know I enjoyed watching your matches through live stream (and that your playstyle reminds me of LingLing's, so I was rooting for you all the way).
    Hey dude I was wondering if I could ask your advice about a few things. I feel your style matches mine closer than any other pro player I've met so I think you'd have good things to say. If you can on AIM sometime soon let me know. I'm a little nervous about SIIS4 this weekend and I really wanna rep the penguin well at this.
    I don't think we did DDD yet since Disciple is busy and he didn't make an announcement, dunno I'll ask about it.
    Hey, is that Waddle Dee hype video still up on Youtube? My friend and I were talking about it the other day and I wanna watch it again. O:
    Ask Atomsk what he thinks about Pka D3, we played at MLG in tournament so I think he is good for that. CO18 as well but I have a feeling CO is gonna put -2 or -3 and Atomsk will put -1. I personally think it is -2, Atomsk is just smart as fuuuuu
    At the moment it hasn't gone through. Give it a little bit longer before coming back to me about it (sometimes it takes a bit to go through the system).
    yo zak... do you know of DC people housing? My previous place fell thru... i can pay of course... hit me up if you know of something... 5408503351 (Mattix)
    Hey, I just started Earth Bound.

    I named Ness, "Coney"
    I named the dog "TKO"
    and I named the nerdy guy "Tant"

    commence Hilarity
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