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Recent content by Coffeemug

  1. Coffeemug

    Jigglypuff Match-up

    be extremely careful grabbing, jiggly can duck under falcons grab for a rest.
  2. Coffeemug

    Event - EVO 2016 EVO 2015 - Smash Bros Hub (Check-In, Schedule, Brackets)

    Tag: Coffemug Username: Coffeemug entering melee
  3. Coffeemug

    Official Captain Falcon Video Critique Thread

    Thanks dude, definitely helped to see all the break downs. I've been ironing out most of the stuff you pointed out in my spare time so It's good to know my analysis was similar. Also thanks for the beard compliment hahahaha
  4. Coffeemug

    Official Captain Falcon Video Critique Thread

    Thanks for the analysis dude, I definitely need to hit some basics again. I've just been developing habits that make my full hops work for the time being but probably won't in the long run. but yeah I agree I could have benefitted from hitting my short hops And yeah, if I can get my dash dance...
  5. Coffeemug

    Goast House May 9 Results

    logan got robbed
  6. Coffeemug

    Official Captain Falcon Video Critique Thread

    If anyone has the time and wants to take a crack at some recent sets of mine I'd love to get feedback. My first time fighting a Doc in tournament so it's all kinda of awkward https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQUyXjRVjHM match starts at 8:44:00 and a recent set against marth...
  7. Coffeemug

    Frame Data: The Way Gentleman Works

    Random characters get nerfed too, Shiek, Ganon, and some other low tiers. I think the only characters it actually makes better is falcon/peach
  8. Coffeemug

    Frame Data: The Way Gentleman Works

    Pal gentleman will always work if you just hit A 3 times. You don't have to do anything special.
  9. Coffeemug

    Midwest [May 9, 2015] Goast House Monthlies series (Independence, Ohio)

    yup, sometimes there's a friendly setup for something else. but usually just melee
  10. Coffeemug

    Falcon in Doubles

    If you watch high level doubles most teams still hit each other, you're not always gonna be on the same page. so don't sweat it just remember spacing is huge in doubles, and remember it's ok. Just with falcon it can be deadly hahaha
  11. Coffeemug

    Atlantic North [May 9, 2015] Shell Shocked 18 (College Park, MD)

    Just moved to MD this month, I plan on coming out to this! Just curious, is there pools for singles or is everything straight bracket?
  12. Coffeemug

    Falcon in Doubles

    a lot of the stuff you're gonna do in teams is super situational. In my experience from my matches my teammate and I switch between support and aggressor a lot. Some people don't switch it up and stay as one role the whole time. So discuss what you guys are doing. I can talk from the switch up...
  13. Coffeemug

    Frame Data: The Way Gentleman Works

    these work, in fact its the way I used to do it, the main problem is sometimes you will end up shielding/light shielding after jab 3, and sometimes it just doesn't work. Also this method is pretty concrete. Ever since switching to this way I've moved up from like 50% consistency to up near 90%...
  14. Coffeemug

    [Mar 7] Danger Zone 2 Results. Chagrin Falls, OH (40 Entrants)

    Thanks to all for coming! Was a super fun last tournament! If you haven't seen the video, check it out, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5rYfO31Xvw Josh Lozar (Coffeemug) @themoshlozar https://www.facebook.com/thejoshlozar thejoshlozar@gmail.com thejoshlozar.com Relevant Links: Northeast Ohio...
  15. Coffeemug

    PPMD's thoughts on controlling space with Bair vs Nair

    IIRC isn't bair more disjointed than nair anyway? meaning it's slightly safer. Either way i agree with it should be being used more. I'll occasionally fall back on it because of habit from my ganon days and it always helps me reset situations and get a solid hit in. Also I remember someone in...
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