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  • Update on the Pivoting situation for Hybrid 64 v2.0:

    After more hours of playtesting, I was able to make pivots easier without having basic movement affected with the Gamecube Controller. It now has its own "nudge" for consistent pivoting. It's quite similar to Shield Dropping. It takes some practice, though. I can only do it consistently to the left.

    But hey, that's good! It means this mechanic can definitely be added. Just needs more testing with other Gamecube Controllers. (Which is difficult to do since I'm on my own and only have 1 Gamecube Controller.) >_<'

    EDIT: Bad news. Ice Climbers started having some issues, even with UCF running thru Dolphin. Looks like this idea didn't turn out as well as I had hoped.
    EDIT2: Good news. The crash was caused by an unrelated code I had on. There's still a chance of this idea going through.
    Ugh... Talk about celebrating too early. >_<'

    I tested the easier pivots on console. While they were easy to perform on my PS3 controller, it's a completely different case with the GCN controller. It makes dashing more difficult. I'd rather not have easier pivots on the mod if it makes basic movement harder.
    Nice! Hybrid 64 v2.0 works on Nintendont! All that's missing is Dios Mios and netplay... I would post a picture here, but I can't. =/
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