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  • Seems that you hate Hardcase009 too. If I wanted to go to a tourney I would make sure he wasn't there first cause he runs his mouth too much and he's way too cocky.
    Oh pm me if you want to brawl me, i should be a good challenge ;).
    umm maybe? Im not a good WIFIer esp against Pits. I think Rogue would be a better person to learn from since he has more wifi exp
    Hey, how do you do against Jalaga? He pretty much breathed new life into my Samus game for me.
    There's a 1/56 chance I'll pull out a stitch face... Usually, when other Peaches pull them out, I notice right away. It's like a 6th sense haha. Mr. Saturns, Bomb Ombs, and Beam Swords randomly, too. Then there's the winkies and dot eyed ones that do extra damage and knockback. It's really too much trouble to worry about other than just not wanting to be hit by any attack in general.

    Projectile spam is so much trouble to work around for me on the Halberd's lift. I don't know why. I'm just don't space properly in that dip and middle platform. It just throws off my approaches... It's the main counterpick I ban in tournaments cause I hate the stage so much. lol >.>
    I'm just not very good with ZSS and all we did all day was ZSS vs. Pit. lol
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