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    Smash 3DS How are people so good at this game? could always sell your soul to the devil for amazing smash skills. MUAHAHAHA
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    What are you curently listening to?

    From heads unworthy--Rise against
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    Smash 3DS The unofficial "What's your Win/Loss ratio?" Thread!

    73 percent with 26 wins, 7 losses. I haven't played that many yet but I have lost 5 out of 7 of my losses to a little mac...I just can't seem to deal with him well :/ I wonder how many people here are lying...WHAT IF I'M LYING :o what if we're all just...lion.
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    Event - Nintendo Of America 2014 Nintendo Qualifier Feedback Thread

    Terrible terrible TERRIBLE organization in the Plano gamestop when it came to "first come first serve". We set up a line, and at 9 my friend and I were around 45th and 46th. By the time 10:30 or so rolled around (they took forever to start here) and they actually handed out passes to play, I was...
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    Smash 4 Social Thread 3.0

    *stares at clock intently with twitching eyes as it gets closer to midnight* WHAT IS SLEEP NO NO NONE OF THAT TONIGHT
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    Event - Nintendo Of America 2014 Will GameStop provide 3DS consoles and copies of Smash?

    A friend of mine has one and he won't be going, I may bring it in case I see a lonely soul around who needs one to borrow. I would imagine they'd provide though...
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    Event - Nintendo Of America 2014 Qualifier - Plano, TX Discussion

    My friend and I will see you guys there ;)
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    Why Do You Love Smash?

    Because smash is love, smash is life.
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    Wow such greet much doge :D
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    What's the reason to live?

    To eat bacon. But really, I think it varies depending on the person. You decide why you want to live ;)
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    Ebola thread: Chill out if you want to discuss it.

    Nononononono! This can't be true D: I live...a little less than an hours drive from Dallas. *pokerface* well, your move ebola.
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    same roster=bad idea

    I actually think it was a good idea. That way those who can't afford a Wiiu won't feel like they're missing out on anything, or those who don't want to buy both the 3ds and Wiiu won't be upset. It would seem a little greedy to vary the roster in my opinion. I can see the profit benefit, though...
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    The Unhappy Thread

    Ironically, all of you having ****ty days and problems with your lives make me feel better about what I'm going through. It makes me realize I'm not the only one with issues...To anyone that has experienced a broken heart to the one who was your first for you know what, to anyone who loves...
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    Smash 3DS When are you guys actually getting the game?

    If there is a midnight release, then I shall be there with my squad. Otherwise, I'll have to wait till Friday evening :/
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    A Struggle. . .

    Hey, I totally feel for you on unexpected life problems. If you're anything like me--it helps to know other people have had lows as well, especially when you can relate to the specific issue. I just recently suffered my first real heartbreak, and while I also won't go into details either, it...
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