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  • I actually had the exact same replica of his deck, hence people calling me "Marik" IRL.

    It was pretty sick.
    Fun games! Yeah, sucks to be in a non-Brawl happy country. >.< I found DDP much easier than doing Ftilt lol. (Kept shooting Fsmashes instead)

    That "British Brawlers" is sooo dead. Was hoping to find some UK smashers. *disappointed* x__x
    Wifi Sonic dittos? O.o One of the most (arguably) annoying dittos of all time where KID says matches lasts hilariously long >.>

    Sure thing! I'll be online in a moment.
    Oook this isn't looking good :(

    I'm really sorry, can we have games tomorrow? I've seriously underestimated how long this piece of coursework would take for me to finish and I'm still doing it...looks like tis a late nigher for me lol
    Hey Chis, up for a few matches? I feel like I've been slowing down recently. Need someone to kick me into speed again.
    Well everyone on that board hates each other lol... no one really wants to post anything anymore. I made some massive thread trying to sort everything out but even that's not going as well as I expected.

    Hmmm... sonic vs zelda... definitely a battle of wits! - baiting vs patience in all its glory =p One of them must get a good lead if they are to stand any chance of winning. I feel if I get a lead with Zelda, then I have a good clean advantage (especially from an early aerial kill), but I feel really clumsy when I try to space for an approach.

    I'd swing it in sonic's favour myself only because I feel his percent lead is a little more effective. Zelda can be a toughie to approach at times, but sonic has great baiting tools whereas on the other hand sonic can play defensive with a good OoS game and Zelda has nothing reliable to make him open up. Bear in mind, the tables can turn with a single landed aerial... and she'll be fishing for that the moment you hit 60+% near the blastzones and anywhere else passed 80. So you always need to watch out for those surprise kills.
    GGs Chis! Sorry for that lag again. I've been really focusing on diddy lately but I go into auto-piloting a little too much I think! Diddy vs Sonic is probably one of my most enjoyable machups.
    Hey chis you up for a few games at all? I should be around from now till 7ish so if you're free then come online =D
    Sorry, went to have some tea (pretty late I know)

    GGs, you really a Bob-omb magnet, I never ever pluck any Bob-ombs in any other matches. Peach is pretty brutal for Sonic, I was playing a decent Peach the other day with my Sonic and I got absolutely wrecked

    Have you seen the whole new mapping out of hitboxes hack? Snakes moves and their range are absolutely broken lol
    Hey! No worries! Child of cyborg sounds epic lol... is that the new skin? but yeah I'm wii-less atm so I can't play until monday night... I can sometimes play a little a earlier as well throughout the week if I'm in so I'll be sure to message you if you're available.

    Lol I read your wall posts below and yeah I gotta agree there are a lot of euro peaches and zeldas about. I'm trying to have a bit more variety as well in the characters I use but I always end up at one point with zelda >_> Probably just who I most enjoy using most.

    I've thought about the ladder but some of the lag experienced is just horrendous!
    You mean doing something consistantly and then suddenly faking out and doing something else? Sounds like a good idea, just make sure whatever you're purposely predictably doing isn't too punishable. And yea, you can be pretty dang unlucky in some matches, one match the spin no jump glitch thing kicked in twice :/

    Lol unfortunetly I can't think of many other Euro Wi Fi players. Rizul is the only one that comes to mind who uses different characters (Wario and Bowser IIRC although he uses a lot of characters) but apart from that...lol you're right all there is are Peachs and Zeldas. mountain tiger uses ZSS I think, Kata dabbles in Diddy Kong these days and I use Sonic occasionally but apart from that I can't think of many Euro players :( I can understand, some variety would be nice since we all pretty much play the same match ups
    Hey sorry I had to leave, parents wanted to go to bed lol >.>

    What did you think of me Up Smashing your ledge get ups? I know I messed up a fair few times with the timing but I'm interested as to what you thought about its possible uses
    Heeeey I'm still up for matches if you're there :) Sorry, was out with some friends just for some fireworks (everyone had to leave early though lol)
    Ehh I would but it is really late :/ Sorry I won't be able to get on the Wii without waking my parents up lol :( Another time for sure

    You missed on teams last time btw we should do them again sometime :)
    Chis if you're free me rick and rizul have a game going and it would be cool if we could get some teams and stuff! So you're free to join rick's game if you can make it. Ahhhh at typing and fighting at the same time >.>
    Hey man how've you been? I'm working on this animation at uni and it's going okay so far - more time consuming than I thought though
    I've been fine as well, but mostly over worked and tired @_@

    And that's mostly because of school and bedtime hours, but I try to get on here everyone once in a while.

    Btw, I like your new avatar :3
    We should play wifi sometime.

    Just because the distances in London are pretty small, and it's not like we can meet up often irl, although we could, if you wanted.
    Is that the new fighters trailer btw? If it is it looks goood.

    I think my interest is dying because the direction of the game is so focused on camping now... and it's really easy to do that in brawl imo. Plus, there's such black and white thinking on this site sometimes, just makes me stop visiting as often as I did.

    Alright, well night chis - catch me online sometime (or just drop me a comment or whatever) and we'll get some games going.
    Oh lol I think we posted at the same time. Well I've just been watching a few ninjalink vids and he's quite aggressive. I thought I'd be a bit more aggressive this time. Loads of people are stepping it up so I thought the best thing to learn was a bit of aggression because Zelda's just going to get camped to death >.> That and I'm trying to powershield a lot more now... works wonders for approach at times.

    I've yet to go to one of them. There's a few (though very few >.>) events in Brighton with about 15 people or so if you're ever in town. I will definitely go to one of the monthlies though eventually. Possibly the next one :? not 100% sure though.
    Definitely apologise for that lag there... sonic being so movement based must definitely get hurt by that... Ike as well with certain recovery positions.

    But yeah GGs! How is brawl doing for you atm? Since I took that break, I've just very slowly been losing interest. And the zelda boards seriously make me lol sometimes >.>

    Have you tried out the new tekken btw? There's a booth in Trocadero. It's shaping up really nicely. That and SF4.
    No sadly :( I want to but I don't have the guts/time. Got important exams this year and I'm still nervous how people might react if I went to such a thing. So no I haven't. How about yourself?
    Yup! When congratulating people, one must stick out by being the one to be a half hour late. Only the cool people get to do it though ;)
    LOL! GGs :)

    I'm sort of back now on brawl so I'll probably be on around usual times every so often :)

    And zelda! Good stuff! we're gonna get her on par with your sonic and ike as well - I think you just need to figure out moments when to sweetspot and stuff. I don't mind dittoing at all - good to observe opponent strategies!
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