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Last Activity:
Sep 23, 2016 at 9:45 PM
Sep 4, 2007
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Aug 30, 1988 (Age: 28)
Home Page:
South Jersey
Linux VPS Support

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General Ledge Supervisor, 28, from South Jersey

ChiboSempai was last seen:
Sep 23, 2016 at 9:45 PM
    1. wizrad
      Just dropping by to thank you for getting Miis legal for MLG. Every Mii main supports you, despite the Twitter wars. We really appreciate it. You play Gunner, right? Hope to see you on stream!
      1. ChiboSempai likes this.
    2. Indigo Jeans
      Indigo Jeans
    3. Taydrz
      Hey Chibo, you dont know me but i've been looking for ppl arnd my area,to practice the way of the Smash and you're one of 'em. I should prolly look into it more but trying to get more involved with a smasher's community close to home since the LAN center shutdown. Let me know if you have ppl to smash with so that I may "join the frey, if it's cool that is. Thanks bud!
      1. ChiboSempai
        Look up the events at Salty Joystiq in Vineland. They have biweeklies on Fridays (next one this Fri) and monthlies on Sunday. I go there often and it's a great place to practice!
        Mar 18, 2015
      2. Taydrz
        Thats great info, Thx! I'll callout sick from work Friday if you'll be there. Lemme kno <(O.O<)
        Mar 18, 2015
    4. Sam0s
      Hey Chibo, Idk if you remember me but way back over the summer I met you at a tourney and asked you like a million questions about your expeirence at E3 with Smash4. I had black rimmed glasses..it was in Easton PA in late July. Anyways I sent you an Email to "[email protected]" I dont know if you still use it or not.. but if you ever get a chance check it out. I'm a newcomer! Thanks man!
    5. narutogen13
      hay Chibo how long did it take you to get good at smash?
      1. ChiboSempai
        Took a while, I've been playing for nearly 8 years lol
        Feb 3, 2015
    6. Jiggsbomb
      Nice groose thumbnail.
      1. ChiboSempai likes this.
    7. Cuffs_300
      we came a long way from vVv now we here! its been a long time man you probably dont even remember me haha you helped me a ton when we were in vVv when it came to modding stuff for brawl etc.
      1. ChiboSempai likes this.
    8. DarkStarStorm
      Hey Chibo! I was hoping that you could help me out with something. I'll keep it brief since I'm just some random guy asking you for a favor.
      Where can I get something so show my button inputs on screen for Melee, and will it work to your knowledge in Project M? I really hope that you can help in some way, because I've been looking for such a thing for five months.

      With hope,
    9. NAKAT
      On phone, I'd like a ballot.
    10. -Se7en-
      The Legend of Groose
    11. Espy Rose
      Espy Rose
      Get me unbanned in CT twitch chat lfdasjdlkasjfksa
    12. KoRoBeNiKi
      Mind uploading the ssb64 matches form Smashacre-Frostbite. Would enjoy the videos being on youtube
    13. Xiivi
    14. Xiivi
      no lies told obv
    15. BlueXenon
      Hi Chibo. Player 1 is a really good commentator and I think you should let him commentate at future tournaments like Apex 2014.
    16. S l o X
      S l o X
      i registered for zenith but didn't list Knut as my teammate. alex told me to message you. :<
    17. Xiivi
      thank you chibo~bro~

      I've been without internet the past weekish lol
    18. pokemongeof
      Hey ChiboSempai.

      Is TOS still active? I am interested in TOS, and maybe I could possibly join?

      Look at the TOS thread for my intro and stuff like dat
    19. Ripple
      hey, are you going to upload the videos I gave you off my hard drive soon?
    20. Gadiel_VaStar
      Hey Chibo, a situation has come up, and it no longer allows me to attend Apex. Is there a way I can get a refund for my entry fee and whatnot? It can be considered more of an extreme family circumstance if you only can give out refunds on an extreme basis. Please let me know.

      And btw, I already asked Alex a few days ago, but I did not receive a response. Also, I don't know if you are helping w/ bracket pools, but you can take my name off the Brawl Singles/Doubles list.

      Thank you,

    21. Xiivi
      merry christmas chibo!
    22. Akenero
      You iz datz guy whoz alwaz on ze egze,right???
      You iz on zat edgze likz a bozz!
    23. Gadiel_VaStar
      Hey Chibo, is there a way I can get housing for NEC XII on December 1st? It would be just me going from Georgia. I would need housing for Friday and Saturday and I'm willing to pay whatever amount would be necessary. Thank you

    24. Ishiey
      Did you get my PM?
    25. SSGuy
      It is vital I get this email by Thursday! Please respond to it.
    26. SSGuy
      Hey. I need you to reply to an email that I have sent to your email on apex-series.com. It is regarding permission for 12 people to attend Apex.
    27. NickRiddle
      [9:53:59 PM] Mark Korsak: "Can I tornado your chit? Yes? Ok, that's all I need to know." - Zero on the Zero Suit matchup
    28. PMC66
      what made you decide to main ROB?
    29. Pachinkosam
      Happy birthday :D
    30. AlphaZealot
      I'm not sure, I've heard from one other person from another country who is having difficulties. It is not US only I believe, but it would see some random countries are not working.
    31. infiniteV115
    32. Roxas M
      Roxas M
      My bad, I meant is there a way to get VGA output with the BM Pro(PCI card version). I noticed the Intensity had the composite to VGA for standard TVs, but according to the connection diagram for the BM Pro, it just does component. So I would be in pain in the *** when I can't find a component TV available.
    33. Roxas M
      Roxas M
      Chibo, another question, if you don't mind. Since I'm planning on getting the BMI, I would have to use a component cable setup, correct? If so, wouldn't I need some sort of VGA to component converter when there isn't a component cable compatible TV wherever I'm streaming at? Or is there another way around that.
    34. Roxas M
      Roxas M
      Yeah, I read Jaxel's article a while back when he was talking about how he made his build during the winter product cycle change, so some of his components are outdated. My plan is to actually go with the Ivy Bridge CPUs, more specifically the i7 3770K. Along with Water cooling, because I've actually looked into it and the IB line has a lot a issues with overheating.

      And I've actually heard even MORE problems regarding the shuttle version of the Blackmagic Intensity, haha. USB 3.0 isn't as mainstream as I wished, so I really don't want to try getting into that and my Motherboard just happens to be have the USB 3.0 that doesn't work with the shuttle. I was thinking about going with what Jaxel is going with myself, the Avermedia game broadcaster HD. But the BM is generally the tried and true capture card, so I want to be safe and go with the one that's used more often. Just making sure my rig is around the same in terms of specs with everyone else in the streaming business, so thanks for letting me know. Been dealing with a laptop and Dazzle for the past two years, so I'm really looking forward to actually using some good equipment for once.
    35. Roxas M
      Roxas M
      Chibo, if you don't mind answering, what are the specs of your streaming computer/capture card you use? Also, I heard that you worked with Jaxel when he streamed Apex, so would you happen to know his build as well?

      I'm in the process of making a pretty high-end desktop myself, for streaming tournaments in Texas/when I travel to Socal, so I'm interested in finding out the types of computer builds you and Jaxel use when it comes to Brawl tournaments. If you don't mind, of course.

    36. BlueXenon
      I like your streams for tournaments, I think a few times I spent my whole Saturday night watching them.
    37. Sync.
      Can't stream from the house the installation is going to take too long :(
    38. Black_Star
      Good job at SKTAR was supporting u from the stream lol
    39. ViperGold42
      oh look its the censordouche, hey man how is it going? Going to silence my opinon on Atomsk on Youtube again?
    40. clowsui
      do you have someone else running amateur's? i'm almost done w this schedule
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    Aug 30, 1988 (Age: 28)
    Home Page:
    South Jersey
    Linux VPS Support
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    Smash 64 Main:
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    Brawl Main:
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