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    How to charge cancel

    I gave it a try in practice and you are right. You can hold the shield button for up to 4 frames and the charge will be cancelled without the shield being brought up. This is even possible before the actual charge is seen. Big respect to quik to manage it that consistently under such pressure.
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    How to charge cancel

    Hi guys, I have watched some Samus tournament videos on youtube and noticed that Quik in particular cancels his charge shot charge a LOT. Here is an example at 2:12 Now, how do I do that? I searched online but found nothing. Maybe the name is wrong...
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    Buff wishlist!

    That would be cool. DownB switches to the next Pokémon, ShieldDownB skips to the one after that.
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    Last DLC Pack has divided the community.

    I'm disappointed. I played a few FE games and like them, but I didn't play 3H, so I have no clue who this person is, so no hype here. But that's not my point. My main gripe is that FE offers so many other character options, yet they still _again_ went for a slender, spotless swordfighter. They...
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    Byleth, what a disappointment

    Your problem starts with the fact that you absolutely WANT a character instead of being excited for new content and the possibilities it brings.
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    Buff wishlist!

    Call me old fashioned, but having a not trash jab on Samus is all I ask for.
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    Possible DLC mega pack with discount?

    So, we all know there will be more DLC stuff after the 5 fighters from the pass. What do you think: Will there be at one point the option to buy a mega pack that includes all content? Preferably for a discounted price?
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    Why is spamming a thing

    Is this supposed to be irony? She is good at boxing... against Bowser? Considering Bowser's passive, Samus has almost no options in cq that can challenge him. She can try to cross with a dash attack, but that can be punished with an oos upb. Bowser will armor through her ftilt, utilt has great...
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    Why is spamming a thing

    You would change the game to cater to your play style?
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    How do I beat you?

    I need your competent input. There are few characters I feel as helpless against as G&W. He is constantly throwing out massive, lingering hitboxes, especially his aerials (bair, nair). He deals a ton of damage and knockback, forcing me off stage early. In turn, trying to get back on stage is a...
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    Good Switch controllers for Smash Ultimate?

    I have never seen anyone getting this angry, however, I have heard that some can get this heated.
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    Am I the only one that can't play on certain stages?

    For me it's not the movement. Some stages that are incredibly dark makes it difficult for me to see enough. Some examples: Luigi's Mansion Any Metroid stage Castle Dracula Unova Pokémon
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    Good Switch controllers for Smash Ultimate?

    That's not how you play the game.
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    Things you dislike about Ultimate

    I am not bothered as much as you are, but I feel the pain. I couldn't care less about my actual points, I just want to have a nice, fair, balanced match. Lately, I get opponents with 1M points more or less than me. Of course, those with higher points absolutely destroy me, while those that are...
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    Why isn't Sakurai making QoL changes?

    He is the face of the game dev team, so Everything suggested at him is obviously meant for all. It's like saying: "Why is Trump building a wall?".