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  • ian. i dont know how often you check this. this is kevin. from way long ago. i came over like twice to game with you and omar with my friend. i was wondering you still play melee. ok bye :}
    Whenever a discovery is made in the Snake boards, someone who posts mostly in another character board replies with '10snakes' or '10nikitas' etc.

    I don't get it.
    Hrm, I've noticed somewhat of a 'fad' in the Snake boards. People from other boards post 10(snake's move goes here) whenever there's a discovery made. Care to expand? I only lurk, I don't post too much.
    Well, that's alright. Your advice is greatly appreciated by all of us Snake users. Going back to Melee or what? I tried that, but my skill was all gone xD
    I've seen a lot of your posts in the Snake forms, all of which are very helpful. Keep up the good work.
    Haha thanks! I forgot where it told you you had messages. :"p
    It's goin' pretty good. Hosting a Brawl tourney this weekend so I'm looking forward to that.

    I can't wait for Tatsunoko vs Capcom to come out. o_o

    How's yr summer vacation so far?
    thats really odd because I've been seeing and noticing the same people btw and they have grey color to their name...even you do!!
    no I mean look in threads, I've seen red blue pink and yellow for peoples name colors but now some are gray! (like us) and I wanna know why
    oh lol I should have figured. I have a ?...do you know why we have grey names when other people have yellow names? I've been trying to figure out the difference but I just cant 0_o
    **** one of my friends just called me told me the end of mgs4 and hung up now T_T
    I read ur post about how to be link using snake. For the most part its all true, link does suck in this game but I still enjoy maining him. Who am i kidding, all of what u said about link is true but anyway, do u mind going a few rounds with me soon. I gotta see a how ur strategy works facing my link. Here's my FC: 4983-4587-2357. If u don't mind can we play this Sunday or next week I'm a little busy. I'll be waiting.
    you, sir are one of the most helpful people I've seen on the snake boards. Your awesome!
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