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Recent content by CardiganBoy

  1. CardiganBoy

    Rex Drives into Battle! (...As Pyra's Final Smash!!)

    Well i read somewhere on twitter that XB2 was charting high in sales on the eShop with the XC1 promotion and all that, i'm really crossing my fingers now lol, i wanted to mention that a Rex DLC without Torna and Future Connected Battle Themes would be criminal, here give it a listen one more...
  2. CardiganBoy

    Social Mintendo Noodle House - Min Min Social

    I feel like that leak is not real, but i'ts pretty well done, that said i imagine she won't need a lot of aesthetic changes to fit within the Smash Bros artstyle, kind of like Inkling.
  3. CardiganBoy

    Social Mintendo Noodle House - Min Min Social

    Hey, sign me up as a supporter, i always liked this ramen-loving gal since the day she was first shown in ARMS, i feel like she has the most chances to join Smash, though any ARMS character is good, as a Belmont player i can't wait to see how the long range punches will act in Smash, lastly if...
  4. CardiganBoy

    Make-a Mario Great Again! (Canonical Moveset Changes)

    Yeah Mario needs more visual flair and even changes to his moveset, i like your ideas, at the least he should get an animation revamp, more references to his games, compare him to Banjo & Kazooie, Mario behaves extremely generic in Smash, for example his victory animations, have him grab a Power...
  5. CardiganBoy

    SmashBoards Community Echo Voting Thread: Part 48 Shulk

    Shulk Echo? i dunno, Nia with Monado equiped?
  6. CardiganBoy

    Trials of Mana Spirit Event Announced

    if there's a song from Bravely Default that deserves to be in Smash aside from That Person's Name Is, is the Ba'al Battle Theme, that's one of the best RPG battle theme i've ever heard.
  7. CardiganBoy

    Trials of Mana Spirit Event Announced

    Nice! Trials of mana has beautiful artwork it's so cool to see its characters in Smash, now since it's a Square Enix IP can we see Bravely Default spirits in the future? how about Tiz, Edea and Magnolia? well they'll probably choose characters from the upcoming game, i would be ok with that.
  8. CardiganBoy

    Streets of Smash - Axel Stone Support Thread (Streets of Rage 4 out now!)

    Add me to the list, i played so much SoR, i'm so excited with SoR4 coming soon and all the characters playable (reminds me a lot of SoR Remake which anyone should play) To give an idea, how about a special move which spawns an item as Axel crouches to grab it from the ground, the items that can...
  9. CardiganBoy

    The Bloodstained Shardbinding Maiden- Miriam Support thread (WIP)

    Well as a big Soma Cruz fanboy -though he's a very improbable choice for Smash- i support! Miriam takes the best of Igavania protagonists like Shanoa, Soma, Alucard, etc, while also standing on her own, and can make for an original moveset, plus Bloodstained is so good i definitely want see more...
  10. CardiganBoy

    Adol Christin's Journey Towards Smash (Cold Steel 3 on Switch!?)

    Oh hey, there's an Adol support thread! there are more people of culture i see, just thinking about Ys music in Smash... that would be glorious. Add me to the supporters list! Btw i really wish Falcom put more games on the Switch, i'm happy we got Ys 8, but i need more Ys, i feel the Switch is...
  11. CardiganBoy

    Social Social Thread - Please Read Last Post

    I may not be as active here as last year but i wish everyone a Happy New Year and Decade, let us continue to have more fun playing Smash for many more years, maybe i'll be more active again, for the good ol' times, cheers everyone!!!
  12. CardiganBoy

    Social Social Thread - Please Read Last Post

    My life became a bit more complete when i saw King and Blue Mary cameos.
  13. CardiganBoy

    Would you have preferred Simon was done like DQ Hero instead?

    Yes, i don't like how some Echos like Dark Samus, Daisy and Richter have to be strictly the same, basically glorified costumes, all of them could have had at most one different special like Chrom, i would be totally down to lose some recolors if it means being able to play as Julius and Trevor.
  14. CardiganBoy

    The hero of Dragon Quest III, Erdrick, joins the battle!

    Have you guys seen the second DQ Your Story trailer? This is looking like one of the best Japanese CGI movies.
  15. CardiganBoy

    The hero of Dragon Quest III, Erdrick, joins the battle!

    If this is the case Hero is shaping up to be one of the most unique and technical characters, one would have to learn the MP usage of each move and the best situations to use them, i'm not that good with Shulk's Monado Arts, but that's not gonna stop me from playing a lot of Hero.
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