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  • Yo dude, how you been? I was the doctor mario you played with at Daves. : D

    We teamed, and it seemed we sort of synced? I'm not sure the gap of our skill levels (I'm sure you are much better) but I feel as though me and you can team for some things.

    I mean I don't know if it was us or just you knowing how to set things up LOL.

    I mean you did something and then I went ahead and hit the person.

    Thanks to you we actually could come back, ****. I mean, I team with Kurt but we just... don't stack up.

    I was thinking maybe we could team for some tournament, but if not, hopefully we'll get to play again sometime (deff teams)
    yeah but i really dont play that much anymore. you should get in touch with my friend ben at temple he still plays a lot. and i'll prolly swing by if you guys wanted to play. BenjyJams425 is his aim.
    oh wow ok. Hey, so do you go to temple near cecil b moore? I'm now living at 16th and master street, but **** I'm so fricking bored. I need some melee man! But yeah, I was at spoc though, haha. I prolly didn't see you.

    But definetly, we gotta play sometime. I aint doin **** for most of the week. And I still have an urge to compete, always.

    Ttyl man
    Hey man, I just got to philadelphia on saturday. I wasn't accepted to Temple, sadly, because my gpa was too low. I applied to Harcum college and I'll probaly transfer to Temple when I get an associates degree or something.

    So how have you been man? I'm waiting to get situated here in Philly to be able to smash with peeps, since I also have mom johns haha. Talk to you later man.
    Really? I hope so man. Oh I see, I'm sorry to hear that man. :[ Well, hope to see you in the fall as well.
    Hey man, I hear you play melee at TU. I applied there recently, and I hope I get accepted, haha.

    Anyways, I am at the library, but starting Friday I'll be on my way to Philly, it'd be cool to play with ya some time. I use Doctor Mario btw. Peace
    Hey I saw your location say Queens. If you're still currently in the area we should try and get some matches in sometime.
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