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Recent content by Cam61

  1. Cam61

    Help against Roy/Chrom (online)

    Well the easiest way would be to throw them off stage and hit them with turnips or thunder jolt from a safe distance. In neutral don't let them dictate the pace if a roy/chrom controls pacing in neutral you either have to want a fast pace rushdown or you will get bodied. Using thunder jolt or...
  2. Cam61

    How to practice/perform nair up smash confirm

    It has to be falling nair otherwise you can't confirm unless they don't tech or tech in place but at that point it's not a confirm it's reacting to their movement. Personally I prefer dair confirm or jab confirm because even while the timing and spacing is different from game to game I've been a...
  3. Cam61

    Dair combo Crafting

    At really low percent SH dair can combo into its self. It can also combo into nair or up-tilt which you can then follow up with another dair. My favorite kill setup for it though is near ledge do a SHFF fair and if you can get a jump read it's an easy confirm. Falco really is just one of those...
  4. Cam61

    What kind of playstyle do Fox mains play?

    Sorry for the weird reply to my original post I only meant to edit it but ig I accidentally hit reply when I meant to hit edit and I don't know how or if I even can delete it. I realize the OP was a month ago but hey who knows maybe you'd still be interested in some of this. Rush down is what...
  5. Cam61

    Why has Fox been good in every damn game?

    Im sure a large part of it is that usually what makes characters good in smash regardless of which game is gimmicks, speed, combos, at least one early kill move, a good kill throw, a good recovery, and a spike. The more of these a character has the better they will be. In melee; fox's highest...
  6. Cam61

    How to dragdown Fair for Jablocks?

    While nair is the easiest confirm into up-smash it isn't the only one. If you do a full hop dair and auto-cancel it you can follow with up-smash but di and what side you're at when you hit determines where you need to run. And double jab into up-smash while I'm not sure is 100% a kill confirm I...
  7. Cam61

    Roy's combos

    They do make a difference but the only sour spots that can be capitalized easily on are jab, f-tilt, up-tilt, and up-air. For me sour spot on anything else is useless. F-tilt can lead into dancing blade or dash anything. Jab can lead into grab, dash anything if they di away and at mid percent...
  8. Cam61

    Hope For Airspeed Buffs

    I think the reason Falco doesn't have great air speed comes down to one of two reasons; one of which is alot more likely than the other. First is canonically speaking that it could be because of the metal prosthetic legs weighing him down making jumping as high as he does difficult as is. Then...
  9. Cam61

    Fox may be better than he looks.

    I'm hearing people say he is lighter in this game compared to 4. I think overall it's just for balancing cause idk about anyone else but to me knockback on upsmash and bair feel nerfed compared to 4. I'm not so sure on up air because I didn't use it for kills that much. The reason I feel this...
  10. Cam61

    is Fox considered better than other spacies?

    Are you planning on participating in tournaments? If so fox or wolf would be the better choice. If not play whichever character you like cause in the end you play games for fun right? I know I do. I've always been a fox main since the beginning because at the time of smash 64 star fox SNES and...
  11. Cam61

    is Fox considered better than other spacies?

    Im definitely no expert on falco especially because I'm a fox main but falco is my secondary so I can mention things that I feel make him worse than fox. Falco struggles from the fast faller syndrome of getting comboed hard just like the other spacies however he has the highest jump in the game...
  12. Cam61

    Good secondary to cover bad matchups?

    I haven't really found a secondary yet. Mine also just come from trying other characters and picking who I like. This game though im having a hard time because i like Roy, Falco, and Wolf and can play them all at a similar level which is only slightly worse than my Fox. I know this will change...
  13. Cam61

    Good secondary to cover bad matchups?

    Thanks for the info that helps a lot! I'll have to put it to practice next time I fight a sonic or yoshi. With sonic I should have been more specific of the type of spam I'm having issues with. I have issue with this one that cancels spin dash with homing attack then runs away and repeats...
  14. Cam61

    Good secondary to cover bad matchups?

    So I know for the most part Fox tends to have close to 50-50 matchups with most characters however i struggle against characters that either have safe spammy moves like sonic or amazing out of shield options like yoshi. Any ideas on a great secondary to cover those matchups and others that most...
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