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    Rocket Lawnchair! Metal Slug for Smash Bros.!

    I literally never thought I'd see the day a Metal Slug character had a higher than 0% chance of being in Smash but man am I glad I was proven wrong.
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    Dragon Quest’s Hero out today! Post your thoughts!

    I was very worried about the randomized spell list but they pulled it off well, very satisfied with the character
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    Heroes Draw Near. Command? (Hero Social Thread)

    Joker but it's dependent on what Persona game's music is playing on Mementos and it only changes on that stage. I can still definitely see them doing multiple victory themes for Hero, it wouldn't be too wild or insane of a move.
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    Heroes Draw Near. Command? (Hero Social Thread)

    Every major update of Smash that brings a new character (Piranha Plant, Joker) were preceded by a firmware update for the Switch at least a day prior (Joker came out on April 17th, firmware update on the 15th. Piranha Plant came out on January 29th, firmware update on the 28th) So I think it's...
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    So when is he coming?

    Important to note that, judging by the fact Brave (Hero) was present in the first datamine of Ultimate, I'm willing to bet he's been worked on since around the same time as Nintendo started work on Joker. And if that's the case, I have a hard time imagining he's not close to or completely done...
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    A (Sorta) In-Depth Analysis of (The) Hero's Moveset

    I'm leaning in favor of each special pulling up a menu, that just feels far more faithful to Dragon Quest than the sort of customizing your load out type thing. Also, a little detail I noticed that makes me believe that even more is that, very very briefly after casting Zoom in the reveal...
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