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    Brawl to see who is the best buu?
    fc 1547 9104 4029 you can find me on chat on brawlfriendcodes.com site usually
    Are you aware that you can Buuman trap a character that CAN be CG'ed. Just walk up a bit, wait for them to spotdodge, charge a Dsmash, unlease. =3 Just a little miscellaneous info.
    Is your wifi working ATM? Because if so, can you help me post something on youtube under your name so I can complete a post?
    Is there any CURRENT posts on utilt kill %'s? I know that you just put up a few characters (e.g. Meta Knight, Falco, Snake), but I want to be the one to actually do the testing for it. Contact SuSa and he'll tell you when we start testing it.
    Hi, I've just started to main Dedede . . .
    Do you have any advice for Pit? I play an aggressive one, when I'm far away the Pit literally showers me with arrows. I try to cancel them with Ftilt, but it goes past me and I get hit. Then when I'm really really close, he mashes the C-stick to Fsmash. I try to roll away but there is a hitbox behind Pit and considering he has multihits on his smashes. I try to approach with SHBair bit he shields and Fsmashes me out of it to punish my lag. I get to moderate range and I play dirty and keep poking him with Ftilt, I get him but that's one of the only decent openings I have. Also, another one is where he rolls behind and I Dsmash. I've tried levels with platforms, I can two stock him there, but in general it's just a struggle to get past his playstyle. The Pit C-sticks like crazy! I can chaingrab him, but the problem for this one is that I have probably one opening only, that would be shieldgrab from his dash attack and the rest of his attacks push me away so I can't grab him. If you were to play him, all you would hear is FsmashFsmashFsmashFsmashFsmashUsmashUsmashUsmash etc. . . then arrows and more arrows. So yeah, I really need help with a person that is expert on D3 since I've just started to main him for 'bout 1 week now.

    PS: I'va also tried SHDair, the Pit will just spam Usmash to outprioritize me. So basically he coats himself with Smashes, Sometimes I think his C-stick will break. I try to avoid his Uair aswell.
    music shouldn't be a problem; otherwise let's say you record a video with legitimate music and send it to someone who hasn't unlocked that music yet. I'm not a techie or anything but I hope it works out.
    In the morning, if I can't send them to you via wifi, I'll be sure to keep them on my wii until the next MM and you can get them then. Or if you're able to send me something to let me know that the game'd let me send you the replays.
    Suck a mod's *****. Actually, just ask, they'll do it. But we do kinda have a TON of stickies atm...
    Hey buddy. This is Fuzzy, that Lucas player at MM. Sorry we didn't get to do the Norfair matchup, I was soo exhausted ><. I left after I lost. I'll see you next MM hopefully? Take care.
    I also have home brew. And actually we dont lose it, when it asks to update just say no. What has to happen though, we both add each others friend codes and wii numbers, then we go on wifi to confirm the registration, We do not have to play each other, just log on and see that we've each been registered then I can send the video
    I can go wifi, but I don't really play wifi or really need to go online with the wii. Plus I have the latest update so if I go online I'll lose homebrew.
    that sucks. are any of the other mages coming? :x hopefully we'll meet up again soon. im taking your MK next time mang
    nice meeting you a few weeks back in CT. you coming down here this weekend for esticle?
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