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  • Hey Bum how are those interview questions going? Still looking forward to seeing some of your answers.
    sup BUM, how's it going? Have you entered any tournaments lately? Are you going to Pound 4? Oh and I need some more advice. What goes on through your mind when you play? I keep doing the same things over and over again, and its making me flustered.
    Bum! omfg go to SNES. theres a $17 bus ROUND trip to it. I really think you should go to this. Specially now that your back in it. Please come bum :D <3
    man, I was just going to ask that, u going to Genesis? You should, take a vacation to Cali, you would do extremely well, I'm sure.
    Oi Bum i'm going to this saturday's Tourney at inui's if u dont got a ride or anything I'll meet u at a path train stop in NYC if you still dont know what train you use to get to Inui's.
    Costs about 15.50 Round Trip from Newark Penn Station. 2 path trips is about 3$ give or take.

    Message me on AIM or here By Friday Night so i know details early
    "Bans within characters

    the standing and walking ddd chain grabbed is banned. don't like it don't come.

    anyone that can constantly grab ness or lucas is banned. don't like it don't come.

    ice climbers infinite is banned."

    wow, what as badass.

    +1 fan.
    Also, you going to the LA tourney, if you get the scholarship? I'll try my best to get it for you, so you can show what DK can really do!
    Bum, how you doin? I didn't realize you were such a pro back in Melee. No wonder you're practically undefeated in your own tournaments. Could you give me some pointers on how to fight people like NinjaLink, Inui, Atomsk, Snakeee, BlackWaltz, etc? Oh, and if I bring my Wii to Friday's tournament, what kind of discount do I get?
    Sup Bum, I was wondering where is your Weekly that you host. I don't know.

    And I want a Melee match against you.
    It'll be fun

    In case your wondering, I'm from the Crew Omega Alliance.
    please excuse my friend joe .also i was wondering if you would train me and my brother crimson im not sure if you check this or not but if you dont i'll just i.m. you. also i only ask cuz your like 3 blocks form my house. (i dont really know that im just assuming because you live in the bronx and 163 is on your name.)
    hey bum im gonna bring a photo montage that i wanna sell to Web2zone lemme know if the store is interested im bringing it to tomorrow.

    k man
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