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  • I can’t believe people think Kirby is worse than Smash 4. It’s pretty obvious he got buffed to his other attributes, just not as obvious compared to characters like Dedede or Zelda.
    Youtube is one of the main hubs where people spread misinformation.
    If I get Melee....I’ll main Kirby. Screw the tiers, I’ll work on him because he’s a part of me.
    The pink true warriors strive for!
    The only reason why I’m watching Albion 4 is to watch Jesuischoq - other players are boring.*

    *Jokes aside, I think this’ll be a hype tournament with great sets, players, and things to learn. I’m not there just to watch Kirby in general. I need to learn what I can get from here.
    According to OrionStats, Kirby is no longer having the worst of all luck - only regular Pit (Not Dark Pit) is suffering from the worst results. Mac also moved up as well.
    Kirby is still the third worst (;_;) and Mac is the second worst (also ;_;) but now Pit has a taste of what bottom feels like.

    I'll take what I get though. Shoutouts to Jesuischoq and all other Kirby players for advancing his metagame!
    But Pit always has relatively low results like this. He's just really unpopular as a character. Smash 4 was the same deal for him, especially near the end.
    Still can't believe people don't look up to other Kirby players besides Komota, Jesuischoq and RK.
    Come on there's SuperGirlsKels, Dream, qwertz143, Cobblemaniac - all are doing great with Kirby.
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