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Recent content by Buckett

  1. Buckett

    (Semi-Sarcastic) Little Mac's Canonical Power

    I've always had a really strange obsession with Super Smash Brother's canonical tier lists and how certain characters would fare if they were as powerful as they usually are. I see a lot of these tier-lists always rank Little Mac pretty close to the bottom. I don't think he's S tier by all...
  2. Buckett

    I guess the guy just had a good match-up against Captain Falcon. You could also just be...

    I guess the guy just had a good match-up against Captain Falcon. You could also just be naturally better with DK.
  3. Buckett

    Create alternate costumes for fighters who you like

    :ultcloud: Would have loved to see Cloud's Shinra Outfit or his Advent Children outfit. Just anything that isn't Turtleneck #176. (also, Duck Hunt's Dalmatian alt should have a little fireman's helmet)
  4. Buckett

    Alphabet Smash

    Amy Rose Black Mage Chorus Kids Doomguy Eggman Felix The Cat Geno H Isaac Junkrrat Joka K Lightning Mudkip Noctis Octorok Professor Layton Quick Man Rash Serah OR Shadow Tails U Viridi Waluigi X Yellow Devil Zangief
  5. Buckett

    Most Hated Character to Fight - Be Civil

    :ultpalutena:- Easily my worst matchup, and therefore I hate her. There's a guy who frequents my local GameWorks who has bred my hate for Palutena. She's so impossible to get to, so every match I play against her tilts me to oblivion.
  6. Buckett

    How do you react to people who genuinely want Dragon Ball's Goku in Smash Bros.?

    The saddest thing is, no matter how much I think about it, I can't come up with a single reason he shouldn't be in Smash.
  7. Buckett

    [SPOILER ALERT] - The Sevens Squares. - A Square-Enix general support threads.

    Just because I think Erdrick is the most likely doesn't mean I want him in. please just give me black mage :(
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