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Recent content by BRUJO~

  1. BRUJO~

    Important Carefully Ask PPMD about the Tiara Guy

    What exactly do you mean by "you can stalemate him"?
  2. BRUJO~

    Dolphin Online - Melee Netplay

    Hey guys. I'm trying to set up netplay on my computer, and (surprise) I'm encountering difficulties. I have the KELUX gamecube controller adapter, and I am trying to connect it using Zadig. I know that it is possible to use this adapter with Dolphin because it has worked previously, but...
  3. BRUJO~

    Genesis 3 Partners With Nintendo!

    Yay for Splatoon ads...
  4. BRUJO~

    Q&A Official FAQ and QnA Thread - Ask Your Questions Here!

    Umm. So.. I.. Uhh.. I was playing some melee... And uh...This happened https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WT47WyD8MOA ... Can anyone explain this?
  5. BRUJO~

    Creating Melee Character Textures using the Melee Toolkit! It's Seriously So Easy....

    I want to edit some of the alternate textures that 20XX offers. I would prefer not to change any of the default skins. Does anyone know how to locate the alternate skin .dat files?
  6. BRUJO~

    Frame Perfect SH FAir>Shine Shield Pressure

    Oh, you're right. Bummer, I guess this won't be very useful. Do you think sh 3 hit fair would have any other uses? This was the only one I could think of
  7. BRUJO~

    Frame Perfect SH FAir>Shine Shield Pressure

    Unless I calculated wrong, sheik's nair comes out on the same frame as falco's shine, right? Since shine has invincibility, it should either clank or win I thought.
  8. BRUJO~

    Frame Perfect SH FAir>Shine Shield Pressure

    Potential punishes would depend on the character you are facing. Most characters would be able to shield grab if you only get two hits of the fair to come out. Some characters have other oos options that they like to use (i.e. Sheik's nair oos, samus' up b oos) I use c stick. It doesn't really...
  9. BRUJO~

    Frame Perfect SH FAir>Shine Shield Pressure

    Yeah, i agree that westballz pressure is overhyped. People should be punishing it more than they are. Sh>3 hit fair>double shine>grab is technically 100% safe on shield if its not one of the characters I mentioned. It is just hard to get a lot off of Falco's grabs, so I think the risk reward...
  10. BRUJO~

    Frame Perfect SH FAir>Shine Shield Pressure

    The only characters that can punish the landing lag are the ones I listed. Other than Fox, Samus, Mario, Doc, Bowser, G&W, and DK, the worst that anyone can do it clank. Of this I am certain. And even if shine clanks, Falco should technically be able to punish any clank with another shine unless...
  11. BRUJO~

    Frame Perfect SH FAir>Shine Shield Pressure

    HeyGuys. I was messing around with debug mode and frame counter, and I realized that Falco's FAir has a really interesting property: If you input FAir on the first airborne frame and do not fastfall, you can get 3 hits to come out in a single short hop and the 3rd comes out on the frame...
  12. BRUJO~

    Q&A Official FAQ and QnA Thread - Ask Your Questions Here!

    I don't have any experienced friends that I can talk to about the game, or else I would go over my notes and stuff with them. I feel like there are a couple main reasons that I am losing: 1) I have a hard time breaking down everything that is happening in real time because of the pressure and...
  13. BRUJO~

    Q&A Official FAQ and QnA Thread - Ask Your Questions Here!

    So, I suck. I have been playing for 2 or 3 years now, and I continue to suck in tournament and against friends. I practice tech every day, I study matches... I literally practice all the time, but I lose to people who barely ever practice more often than I beat them. Everyone says you are bound...
  14. BRUJO~

    Meta Peach Tactical Discussion: Frame data in first post!

    @Meru. I have noticed that close range ftilt can be followed up by grab at 0-20ish percents against mid/high weight characters. Excited to keep developing the Peach meta!
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