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  • @Zezima0123 Put those nice little PAC files inside your Melee folder in your SD card. Where is this stage folder? I'll point it out:

    Make the following directory: private>wii>app>RSBE>pf>stage>melee

    For example if you are wanting to replace Final Destination, the file name will be STGFINAL.PAC

    If it is somthing else, make it that. If you wanna replace a different stage, you can find it out here
    Hey I have a stage hacking question.

    All the stages that I download are PAC files, what do I do with them?
    I saw in a thread there was a mention of the model workshop? can i be directed there?
    I can help, but afterwards I want a real ******** ike.

    My guess though is one of two things happened. Either you version 2 is different then version 1 (You may have left a few codes left in 1 causing him to act ********, or 2 might have extra code left in it or something), or when all the code is 0 ike acts randomly (with whatever the AI left over in the common 3)
    I so fµcking saved that board from being plagued with useless threads. Come on, I was the one who made the post to tell them to post somewhere else. Therefore, I am now An Hero.
    The Character Archive thread got closed...

    What's the plan of attack of posting stuff now, since there's a new sub-board within Smash Workshop for customizable content.
    They are models that will be imported into Brawl when the model injector comes out. (See the "Brawl Model Extractor" and "Brawl Model Workshop" threads.)
    the ratchet and clank files in your signature, what are they are they textures or movesets for brawl or what just wondering coz i love ratchet and clank
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