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  • darn it boxob...goin' back to melee. take your steak with you and kick some butt, man. And how come i am not on your "cool" list
    i never wanted to main sonic rofl.

    i main snake.

    i remember one guy was like "take you and your overpowered tilts out of here"

    uh i came to the sonic boards once, during october 10th, and then you said never come to the sonic boards again.

    i also knew you were a **** sonic player.
    I wonder if you can respond to this in some kinda PM.

    Everyone's asking what happened, lol.
    Thats too bad about u not playing brawl anymore. There is a mod out now to eliminate tripping and its gaining momentum. I, for one, am about to get it (as well as other fun things like directional airdodging and increased hitstun so i can just throw up my arms and say "I'm playing melee 2.0!"
    posting here to remind myself of our 2/3 $1 MM on the 23rd my fox vs ur falco mlg rules cant wait to see ya there dood ;o
    O, ok, i remember you.... you taught me how to do the item slide.... what a long time ago. Its funny how i can look back one month ago (at any time in my smashing) and realize how bad i was then compared to now.

    to try and jog your memory, i was the guy who was on the 30-0 streak in the friendlies on the far-side Television. then i went 4-2 in the tournament (sadly) and i know i lost to a ROB, but idk if u were the one
    Boxob, u wouldnt have happened to go to a tournament at a place called castle golf in suffolk county, would u?
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