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Recent content by Boss Bossanova

  1. Boss Bossanova

    Smash flash 2 with project m?

    I'm afraid not. Primarily because SSF2 and Crusade are made with flash, while Brawl/Project M are not. Therefore, in order to add characters from SSF2 to Project M, you would need to recreate them from scratch.
  2. Boss Bossanova


    You can find them in the discord
  3. Boss Bossanova


    update: i am no longer part of this team. also, zero is no longer being developed by the team.
  4. Boss Bossanova


    A. ok B. megaman C. yes, but it sucks D. really? by who?
  5. Boss Bossanova


    Hello SmashBoards! I am part of a group that is working on four characters for project m: Shantae Zero Shovel Knight and Kumatora I'm looking for people with a knowledge of psa who would like to help out with this. Here's the link to our discord channel: https://discord.gg/JN9Rhdf
  6. Boss Bossanova

    Nano's CSPs

  7. Boss Bossanova

    BaganSmashBros and ko.'s Kustom Kontent - King K. Rool, Kraid and...Metal Face?!

    Pm's font for character names is the impact font
  8. Boss Bossanova

    PyotrLuzhin's Lab

    Imma follow this. You're like the Russian phantom wings, pytor, in other words, awesome. Just one question: how does the "no emerald spectrum" version of the hold z for dark characters work?
  9. Boss Bossanova

    Ridleylash's Stash - Mods for Project M!

    HYPE. LET ME TELL YOU HOW HYPED I'VE GOTTEN SINCE I LEARNED OF THIS PSA. But seriously, I saw your theoretical moveset, and your idea of tyrantrum is really interesting! Sure, I would have done pmd2 grovyle, ditto, palkia (I have my reasons), or regigigas, but that's just me. I'd be more than...
  10. Boss Bossanova

    Meta Jigglypuff Competitive and Metagame Discussion

    Is jiggles really considered to be bad in the metagame? She isn't as good as she was in melee, but she's not as bad as she was in brawl.
  11. Boss Bossanova


  12. Boss Bossanova

    Unofficial Project M Ridley - CLASSIC RIDLEY BETA RELEASED! 31/10/16

    To my knowledge, Lyn actually uses Tabuu's soundbank (327.sawnd). Knuckles uses Porky's soundbank (322.sawnd), and Isaac (obviously) has no sounds at all. Please do correct me if I'm wrong.
  13. Boss Bossanova

    Project Ganondorf - Help get de-cloneing Ganon in smash ultimate trending!

    Is an EXmodule in the works for this? He works fine with brawlex, but he can't float.
  14. Boss Bossanova

    BaganSmashBros and ko.'s Kustom Kontent - King K. Rool, Kraid and...Metal Face?!

    Ganon's one of my favs, I understand waved asking and am beginning to figure out l canceling, and I use normal wifi. Sorry for the lateness in my reply!
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