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  • Howdy! Sorry I couldn't answer your question before, I was sleeping!

    I use Clip Studio Paint and Fire Alpaca. CSP costs money, but FA is totally free! So i'd go with that.
    Hey my friend. like several others have said, hang in there. I KNOW it's hard--I've been absolutely rocked by life, depression--you name it. There's a few things that have personally helped me: faith, good people, video games and stories.

    As for wholesome videos, I've rewatched Ridley's reveal trailer probably 100 times. Years of waiting and my big boy's finally here. Always worth a rewatch! Music is also incredibly helpful for me as well. But yeah. We care about you, dude. And you will get through this time. Trust me :)
    Idk what the personal issues you mentioned are, but hang in there. A lot can change in a small amount of time. I was pretty miserable just a few months ago, but the very things that were making me miserable happened to open up some opportunities to get out. Sometimes great things can come out of the bad. Good luck.
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