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    Smash Theory 5: Edgeguarding

    What song is this? I like it. Edit: nvm, found it.
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    Atlantic North [Aug 24, 2015] Play All Gaming's I Got Next! Smash 4 Wii U (New York, New York)

    Facebook Event: Ladies and gentlemen Nevada smiths is our new home bi-weekly on Mondays, we will kick off on Aug 24th 2015 with more in store for the Fighting Game Community. At our last event the smash community brought the noise with 20...
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    Which secondary should I use?

    whoah, especially the part about looking through your list of notes, I'm currently experiencing the same EXACT things. I have miles to go before I become an incredible Megaman, much less an incredible player (I've only been playing this game competitively, and been doing so since the 3DS version...
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    Dr. Light Capsule - Video and Critique Thread

    Dude... for this reason, you lost game 1, which should've been your win, and your set advantage. Don't EVER think that this code of ethics is going to get you far, because capitalizing on your opponents mistakes is part of the game. In this case, a mistake gave you an entire free stock...
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    Megaman Tornado Hold Meteor Cancel and Double Jump Refresh

    Yea, it seems to still have the "trampoline" effect when you hit it. And the weird beam of light isn't a taunt, it's the same light of when the default (Rush) up-B disappears.
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    Mega man combo/attack string thread

    at percentages around 30 and under, if you land a Danger Wrap, you can true combo into another Danger Wrap right around where they would be lifted to after the first. Play around with predicting where your opponent will be after the Danger Wrap, because while they're in hit stun, the trajectory...
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    Balance Patch 1.0.6 Notes

    Hey people, is Mega's UAir tornado feel any different to anybody?
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    Atlantic North [Aug 8, 2015] Smash Island - Smash 4 Wii U Weeklies (Staten Island, NY)

    Are you guys aware of Spring Fighter at NYU on April 11th? I think everyone is going there
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    Smash 4 Evo 2015 Ruleset Updated: Customs On!

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    Best way to taunt

    OH man, yea, i was just testing if diddy kong was really that easy to use. GGs to you too.
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    Best way to taunt

    This seems to be very popular, but what's better is that if this is done on the last stock, and you hold left on the D-pad, It seems as if you teleport out of the stage, and into the victory screen. I do this all the time, and my friend noticed that I do it intentionally, recently.
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    Just played you in For Glory, looking for good opponents to play against

    Just played you in For Glory, looking for good opponents to play against
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    Event - Nintendo Of America 2014 Nintendo Qualifier Feedback Thread

    I was at the Gamestop NYC one with Infzy and it was probably the worst thing I've ever experienced. Standing from 7:30 to about 1-2 PM to finally get to play, the first 4 hours being in the pouring rain...
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    Brooklyn Smash -- serious WiiU smashing practice timez!

    Been playing for like, 12 hours straight, so excuse my inability to think. Are messages on this site called conversations? if so, I haven't gotten one with the info to meet up with you tomorrow. I get off work at 5:30 in the Bronx, so I'll be able to go home and change and stuff i think and get...
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    ^That would be smart. I was on the calling list at VGNY so luckily I'm playing my copy right...

    ^That would be smart. I was on the calling list at VGNY so luckily I'm playing my copy right now. J&L only had 10 people waiting, but their shipment got delayed, so they were figuring out how to pick it up themselves.
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