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  • To the allegedly broken battler known as Blargy. (keep in mind that this is merely to let you know what's happened, and not to jump you back in)

    Because you have not posted in forum fight in a long time, you have been considered dead among the other forum fight participants. Because of your status among those who have left forum fight, your body in said thread has been taken by the ghost of your rival, Smashfan666 upon his in-game death by being thrown into a woodchipper by MPH Deku after possessing him/her after dying from painful surgery to replace the in-thread Wii. Just thought you would like to know of your status.

    Because your body has been taken you will, in turn, become a ghost upon re-entering the forum games. This will hinder your battle performance drastically, as you cannot use any of your previously designated abilities (e.g. teleportation), as they will be in Smashfan's control. If you wish to regain your old abilities, you need only to defeat Smashfan and reclaim your former body. You are also free to either change your avatar to someone else and re-learn your moveset, or possess any of the "dead" bodies of other previous forum fight players and gain their abilities, as well. Have a pleasant evening...

    -Smashfan666, notifying you of your current forum fight status
    What do you mean that doll is cursed?Is there a back story I should know?
    i need help with the ic chain grab i can only do the grab,down, and forward a and thatd it i cant alternate with the throws
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