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  • Thx man. I try. You had a good thing going with the PK-Fire. Ness is like the personal bane of my existence. I always have trouble with him, so it's a good thing I was prepared. One suggestion btw. I play this one Ness that beats me a lot. He spams PK-Fire just like any good Ness, and then he does a running grab to forward throw. Try to do that more and less of the bat. Ness' forward aerial ***** also. It's a brick wall.
    Sry man. I don't have much time right now. Yeah that was my first tourny, so it felt pretty intense here too. GG's you weren't bad.
    Alright. GG's Ness always is tricky lol. You had me on the run on BF, I thought I would lose. I'm going to post the results ok?
    Oh yeah man. We gotta talk about the 2nd and third stages. If I lose a round, we go to rainbow cruise. What stage do you want if you lose a round? We need to tell eachother so we can both pick it.
    Oh man..... My dad is watching a Football game -__-. It's 4th quarter with 5 minutes left. Shouldn't take too long.... I'll message you when it's over. SORRY!
    Yeah sure. I'll keep your FC man. I don't think I have time for more than the 3 matches today though. I, like you, have HW. Okay I'm gonna go host it. See you there. =)
    Okay. At 4 I'll just go down and host. This is Shiek/Zelda vs. Ness on Yoshi's Island. 3 Stock no items. C ya there and GL!
    Is your time the same as my time? You couldn't play at 3:00? We should do it ASAP because I might have something else to do.
    No I don't have messenger. I used to use the FF but it's not working. Right now it's 2:15 here. Would yoshi's island be alright with you?
    Alright it's 2:00. My sister is using the Wii right now so we're going to have to wait. We'll try for 2:30. Stick around.

    I dislike FD because it encourages spamming. Yoshi's Island?
    Oh. What time you want to do it? I want to try for 2:00 my timezone. which is a little less than an hour from now.
    Hey man if you want to get our match done, today would be a good day for me. I can't on monday though. We have to agree on a stage though first.
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