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Recent content by Bizkit047

  1. Bizkit047

    Massquerade 2: John Madman's Day Off Results - 9/28/13 - Framingham, MA

    As someone who has made plenty of brackets, let me say that you cannot control losers bracket. Doing so is rigging the bracket. You guys did not technically play too early in losers. It only seems like that because of all the byes. You guys played R3 of Losers, not R1 or even R2. Expecting BC to...
  2. Bizkit047

    Snake Advanced Techs Video (Need some input)

    Thanks Dekillsage, sadly I already put the video out last week. Went too long with no interest in this thread.
  3. Bizkit047

    Snake Advanced Techs Video (Need some input)

    Hey guys, I'm working on a Snake Adavnced Techs vid to add to my Snake Guides. I don't wanna miss anything and want to try to see if I can fit alternate ways to performing some of the techs. If anyone wants to throw some ATs that I may forget (I haven't made a full list yet) by all means let me...
  4. Bizkit047

    AGP BLOODY STREAM (Cumberland, RI) (Also Project M!!)

    I was gunna say this, it's literally what you said the next PRs should be lulz
  5. Bizkit047

    AGP BLOODY STREAM (Cumberland, RI) (Also Project M!!)

    Oh god that singles bracket image, impossible to view xd. Yea, how dare KC24 place better than Xavier. KC24 should always play someone else in Loser's because he clearly has no chance of beating anyone other than Xavier.
  6. Bizkit047

    Mega Mass Madness 3: Did You Take My Ginger Ale?

    I wanted to but couldn't because I was at work until 10pm.
  7. Bizkit047


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZlUQCu7ZVA You're not paying attention enough then.
  8. Bizkit047


    Seriously, please fix character usage so it's readable.
  9. Bizkit047

    Hall of Gaming #12 - Wallingford, CT 10/13 - Results

    Singles: 1: Fatal ($78.00) :snake: 2: Bizkit ($39.00) :snake: :metaknight: 3: Mikeray4 ($13.00) :snake: 4: Hinkage :metaknight: 5: Kiwi :kirby2: 5: TeeVee :metaknight: :diddy: 7: Spider Jerusalem :diddy: :zerosuitsamus: 7: Mad :wolf: 9: Ant 9: Bilth 9: Peeli 9: Sails 13: Ellis...
  10. Bizkit047

    Hall of Gaming #12

    Hall of gaming #12 220 North Colony Street Wallingford, CT October 13th Allisbrawl Tourney Page Link: http://allisbrawl.com/ttournament.aspx?id=13626 WE NEED LOTS OF WIIS. Please bring Wiis. *Location* Hall of Gaming 220 North Colony Street Wallingford, CT Outside Venue...
  11. Bizkit047

    Dimensions 5 - In the Meantime!

    Sails beat Mikeray to get 4th, not BC. Matt = Fatal and Brute = Mikeray. He should fix that since he listed BC & Cawesome's tags lulz.
  12. Bizkit047

    Hall of Gaming #11 - 8/4/12 - Wallingford, CT - Results

    Singles: 1: Bizkit :snake: :metaknight: ($96.00) 2: PelCAWWWWWWWWWWW :falco: ($48.00) 3: Chef Fox ($16.00) :fox: 4: Sails :diddy: 5: Riot :zelda: 5: Peachkid :peach: 7: Dfear :zerosuitsamus: 7: Tymer :toonlink: 9: Birdman 9: Mad! 9: SpiderJerusalem 9: Ultimate Anarchy 13: Bilth Nye 13: 9Volt...
  13. Bizkit047

    Hall of Gaming #11 - Bring a Friend & Get Free Venue!

    It means that you don't have to pay venue if you bring someone that enters one of the events. They still have to pay.
  14. Bizkit047

    Mega Mass Madness 2 Results

    Really fun tourney, glad to see such a good turnout. Hopefully everyone that went to this tries to go to HoG#11: http://allisbrawl.com/ttournament.aspx?id=13425 Last NE tourney of the summer I believe.
  15. Bizkit047

    Hall of Gaming #11 - Bring a Friend & Get Free Venue!

    Venue fee will be free for anyone who brings at least 1 friend to the tourney! Any OOR going? I can look into some discounts for you guys if you make the trip! (looking at you NY/NJ) Ruleset is Japanese Ruleset once again. Only real change is now any of the 6 stages can be banned instead...
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