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    Official v2.0.0 Patch Discussion Thread

    I know he has been listed as having no changes, but the Mii Swordfighter Discord has been getting a fair amount of reports, lately, stating that upB 3, Hero's Spin, doesn't connect properly anymore. It's not that it KOs later, the opponent simply falls out of the move in the middle of it. Gale...
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    Helicopter Kick vs Piston Punch

    Does someone have a comparison gif/video of Piston Punch VS HK available? I find it a little hard to believe that PP without a second jump only goes a little farther vertically than HK...
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    Helicopter Kick vs Piston Punch

    I pretty much agree with all of your post. I just don't like using HK but I can plainly see why so many people like it. So I can't decide on which one is better :/ I guess I just don't want people to come out with their main character harmed... I know I probably am not playing Mii Brawler if its...
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    Official 4BR Tier List v1.0 - Competitive Impressions

    So it's true then? I don't have access to Smash 4 right now... MK's uair got a nerf? It no longer sends upwards? Edit: oops, ninja'd... Oh well, I bet he's still fun to play. Maybe something new arises from this?
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    Show Me Your Vids! Falcon Video and Player Thread

    Me and Sanimbok are the top players from Lisbon, Portugal, and we are both Falcon mains. Anything you have to say about us will be more than welcome, I'd like these matches critiqued. I'll be forever proud of those 3 uptilt kills on the beginning of Winner's Finals, though.
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    Hey Ma! Look at Mii! A Mii Fighter Video Thread!

    I've been refining my 1132 Mii Brawler for a while now, and I think it's time to show you. If it wasn't for this guy, I'd have lost this set: I start using Mii Brawler from around 2:55. Before that, my Captain Falcon got pummeled. Check out 8:50 for something cool. What do you say, @T0MMY ...
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    Super Smash Bros. Maker - Custom Stages Project Thread

    I'm a TO in my scene and I've been wanting to try out a custom-stages-only side tournament for a while. Logistical nightmare, you say? There's an easy way. Allow me to introduce an example. It may seem like a simple zoomed-out screenshot of that stage, but it's actually the game-generated...
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    Europe Throwdown LX

    We have a 3-stocks meta, so if you want to see how 3-stock tournaments go, check us out! Hope to see you there, @SmashCapps ;)
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    Europe Throwdown LX

    I'm a fellow TO alongside @StormofThunder . It wasn't made clear in the OP, but this series of tournaments will be streamed. If you guys want to watch, come see us! @SmashCapps you asked on Twitter to report our portuguese tournament to Smashboards. Here it is!
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    Mission Complete!- Fox Discussion Thread

    Hey Foxes, I love playing custom Fox (specifically, 3322) but I have a question about Big Reflector. Does anyone have any data (visual data please?) about the size of the move's windbox? I love to use it but I'm pretty sure I'm not using it to its full potential. Is the windbox RIGHT in front...
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    Splatoon Direct Talks Weapons, Gear, Ranked Battles, And A Demo!

    What disappointed me the most about this Direct was the lack of information about communication with the other players. Fine, we don't have voice chat. We must have SOMETHING, right? Because if we don't, that's idiotic. Even pre-recorded messages/gestures (like in MK/MH) would suffice. Other...
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    Q&A FALCON ASK !! Q&A and FAQ

    I've been playing against a really good Game&Watch for a while now. Does anyone have any tips on the MU? That d-throw -> utilt -> utilt -> nair -> nair -> fair/bair combo gets me at 60%+ and I feel like I can't do anything to stop it once I get grabbed, haha.
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    "The One Inch Punch" A Mii Brawler Insta KO Tech

    From the few times I've played with Peach, I've always suspected that upB. Seems a lot harder to pull off, though.
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    Data Official Standard Custom Moveset Project: Mii Brawler

    Don't forget that yes, Small/small is the best, but so far only the guest miis are allowed. Maybe you should spend some time practicing with the default-size miis.
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    Willing to start a Mii brawler tourney?

    Why not Mii Fighters in general?
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