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Biggie Smalls
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  • Hey , you know on the art section of the starwolf squadron, the picture by me. can you change it to BY SHREYAS NAMPALLI(Tigre), I dont go by sonic wolf anymore. Thanks
    who you calling her,wolf93?anyways i just remembered us having a conversation yesterday about me joining the starwolf sqaudron.my mistake.please disregard this incident.oh,and thanks a bunch for making me a member afterall.
    hey biggie starwolf216 wants to know why ya put her up on the star wolf squadron members list
    Hey biggie smalls how come you havent joine the O'donnel clan yet?your name has not been posted yet
    hey biggie smalls i saw your wolf clan info and i was wonderin if i could join.I've been a wolf fan for a really long time.i was lookin around on social groups bu there was nothing about starwolf.then i found you guys.Please send me a message A.S.A.P.thanks
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