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Big Boss
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  • The program doesn't run on the SD card. It's a one-time modification to your save file.

    If you want to revert to your original song list, refer to this Q&A post:

    Q: What happens if I change my music and later decide I want the originals back?
    A: Simply load up the program, press the "Original Song Codes" button, and then load the file through Cheat Manager and GeckoOS.
    Sweet. I'll PM you what characters we're all gonna be soon as we've got that all figured out.

    We're gonna hammer out the PR this week. I'll get back to you as soon as we've got it all lined up.
    I don't have it. K Prime pulled it from Xyro's Twitter--I'd suggest checking there.
    I highly recommend shortfilmtexas.com. There you can find crew calls for short films across the entire state. There's bound to be stuff in SA. Volunteering on a crew is a great way to get to know how a set operates, albeit not a well-run set most of the time. XD

    From a writing standpoint, just write screenplays. Send them to friends whose opinions you trust and value. Once you've got a solid draft, I recommend entering it into a handful of festivals. Withoutabox.com is a GODSEND to filmmakers. There you can sign up for almost any festival there is. Prices vary, but that's a great way to get both your name and your work out there. Sometimes you'll even meet people who want to make your screenplay.

    Other than that, seek and befriend as many film students in your area as you can. Find stuff to make.
    Dude yes! I might not enter Pokemon though... not enough time to make a team. I have been working on 5th gen too much.
    I was going to, but now our car can't go so I'm just going to Thanksgimping ]:
    Oh wow, that was pretty deep. Long Distance relationship is prolly the most difficult thing I've ever dealt with. I know how hard it is. I think you posted on facebook that you took her to the airport and I realized how much harder it's going to affect you.

    Yea, smashers still have life things going on outside smash lol.
    I honestly don't have it down that consistently either. Do you understand everything about how to input it?

    Just so you know, it's really a lot easier to just get a feel for it (even if you're ****ing up 75% of the time) than for me to try and explain it over text.
    None, really. I guess you could go to training mode, and just have Player 2 attack you while you get the timing down, or something.
    Eh, it seems to have died for no reason.

    I'll do something about it, now that you bring it up. Thanks! :D
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