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    Best Style of Approach

    You should approach with well spaced short-hopped double bairs. If spaced correctly, your opponent shouldn't be able to sheild grab you.
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    DBR: SSBB Film Fest submission

    Congratulations on getting 2nd. I'm gald your video was able to get its chance.
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    OryaN's Highlight Reel (SSBB MLG Film Festival)

    Congrats on winning the contest! The gameplay and video editing are amazing.
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    Has playing Brawl made anyone BETTER at Melee?

    I've noticed that I go for more combos in melee than before. In brawl I play marth and use his fairs to combo. Even though I know my opponent can air dodge out of my so called combo, I know that sometimes the timing for the airdodge is hard to pull off so I go for the fair anyway. When I...
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    Crouch Cancel in the SSBB Manual?

    Well my brother was reading the manual last night, and he found what seems to be the description of what seems to be a crouch cancel. This is a dircect quote of what a crouch is according to the manaul on pg.7 - basic moves: "Tilt down to crouch in place. This position stabilizes you...
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    Final Smash Special Bar

    The randomness of Final Smashes can almost garuntee that they will not be used in competitive play. So I was thinking.. what if Final Smashes were activated when some sort of special bar was filled up, like in many traditional fighting games. It could be activated for examaple by giving...
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    What is the most difficult part about creating a character?

    Yeah, balancing the characters would we the hardest. if the really wantewd this game balanced, everytime they added a new character, they would have to test each of that characters moves against every other character in the game, in almost anysituations e.g. one characters grab may not...
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    Midair momentum pivot involving B moves - Update

    Try looking through this japanese website for that . The translations for the techniques aren't quite clear, but you can vaguely make out what they are talking about. EDIT...
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    M2K stuff about Marth (big update first post)

    Can't wait to try this out :chuckle:
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    Compilation of New Techniques/Discoveries (Updated 3.17.08)

    I stumbled upon a japanese site which seems to have lots of "advanced" techniques. Although, translated with the google translator, it's difficult to interpret what and exactly how these techniques are done. They seem to have some of the techniques described in this thread...