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Recent content by Beamer_Chillager

  1. Beamer_Chillager

    What situations are Up tilt and Down tilt best used for?

    Use d-tilt after f-smash on shield for extra shield damage
  2. Beamer_Chillager

    Killing with Villager

    So I've mained Villager for almost a year, and I lose 90% of my matches overall. I get compliments on my combo game and movement pretty often at weeklies, which makes it pretty obvious that I can't kill with the character. If there was a consistent killing method not from the **** grab I'd...
  3. Beamer_Chillager

    The Town Map - Villager Locator

    User name: Beamer_Chillager In-Game name: Beamer Skype: valtereriksson 3DS Friend Code: I don't remember I lost my smash 3ds Nintendo Network ID: BeamerChan Country/State: Sweden Palette Color: 2nd (Pink hair) About yourself: umm?
  4. Beamer_Chillager

    What would the strategy for a Villager + Cloud team be?

    I'm looking to get into doubles soon, my local TO has doubles tournaments once in a while so I'd like to attend a few. The only one of my friends willing to team w/ me is a Cloud main. What should our general strategy be? What possible team combos could be executed? What would be the...
  5. Beamer_Chillager

    New Villager Jablock Combo?

    I remember seeing weak ftilt being able to lock but I'm not sure
  6. Beamer_Chillager

    Villager Discord Server

    I would like to get in too!
  7. Beamer_Chillager

    Data Town Hall Meeting - Villager Matchup Discussion

    Could I have some input on the Sonic matchup? I'm going to a tournament today and I'm going up against a sonic in the first match.
  8. Beamer_Chillager

    Q&A Lucina Question and Answer Thread

    So I'm very new to Lucina (the buffs appeal to me hehe), and I've been labbing for a bit now and I noticed first hit nair to fsmash is a thing. I think you can airdodge it but you counter that by charging. Can anyone confirm this? I'm sorry if this has already been discussed
  9. Beamer_Chillager

    Villager in the 1.0.8 update.

    I don't know if this is happening to anyone else but when I try to do SH upair it immediately converts into an upsmash :/. It happens when I slide my thumb from the X button to the A button. Has this occurred to anyone else? It's pretty hard for me to connect the Net Nip with this happening.
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