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    Smashboards Writers Reveal Their Day One Character Picks

    I'm going to be playing Jigglypuff, Olimar, Rosa and Bayo.
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    Oh hi there

    Welcome to the forums! What are your thoughts on Olimar and Jigglypuff?
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    Joker Announced For Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I've never played Persona, but by these first impressions of the character I predict that his moveset will be really fun to play with, if I like him enough I may add him to my mains list.
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    Will Olimar see as little play in Ultimate as he did in sm4sh?

    He did get some good buffs and I can see his player base getting bigger by a bit. Probably not a lot though, since as previously stated, he's very hard to learn. I'm actually pretty bad with him.
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    Squid Inkling Viability

    They're probably going to be A or B-Tier, but I don't really see new players picking them up, they're not the easiest character to learn, even if it pays off at the end.
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    Social Jigglypuff Social Thread (read first post!)

    I'm here. :happysheep:
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    Hey, it's Vey.

    Welcome to the forums! I'll see you around. Who would you say is your best character? The one that you're the most good as.
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    Is Smash 4 at risk of being the most forgotten Smash game?

    Yes, simply because everything it does, Ultimate does better. There's nothing really special about it, as much as I love the game.
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    Why do people want to pay for online?

    I don't like it either, but it's really cheap and they'll hopefully improve it in the future. Because people won't give them money if they don't do so. Believe me, if the service stays horrible then people won't pay for long.
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    What are some tier list under-performers and over-performers?

    This, all of this, she isn't top tier but she's definitely not last.
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    I am the best!

    Welcome to the forums and never stop destroying people with R.O.B., ever!
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    Do you play with items?

    Only if I'm playing with friends, otherwise no. I think Items nullify strategy in a way, they're based on luck and can often dictate a match's outcome.
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    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    Wait so is Piranha Plant base game or DLC? Haven't watched the direct yet.
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    CAN there be a Smash 6 after Ultimate?

    There certainly WILL be, but if it has half the roster I certainly won't buy it, sorry...
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    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    I think it's pretty slim...