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Recent content by Bark Sanchez

  1. Bark Sanchez

    How to Watch Let's Go Baltimore!: A 64-Only Major

    Let's Go Baltimore! WOOOO!
  2. Bark Sanchez

    SSB64 Game Night at Bear's Place - FREE Smash 64 Tournament

    Might get the reset if I don't play my main...
  3. Bark Sanchez

    Smash 64 Needs Readers' Help To Make History

    Yeah we're not trying to put Isai down or anything just understand it's hard for 64 to get more exposure when people are constantly in the "Where's Isai" mindset. It can be really frustrating. He will definitely be bringing the hype @ G3, we're hoping he doesn't actually go Luigi.
  4. Bark Sanchez

    Smash 64 Needs Readers' Help To Make History

    If you really wanna see tournament videos of 19xxTE, you should check out the past couple weeks from Xanadu. https://www.youtube.com/user/jasonvbrody/playlists S@X 50-53 all were 19XXTE, we had a lot of fun with it
  5. Bark Sanchez

    **CONFIRMED! REG IS OPEN!** Smash 64 at EGLX (November 13-15, Toronto ON)

    Expect to see Barktimore here. At the very least Bark and Shears, hopefully LD and Dark too.
  6. Bark Sanchez

    STR charity Smash tourney Feat. Wizzrobe, Sheermadness, Lord Narwhal, NTA, Nintendude , and more!

    October is a bad month for Darkhorse and I. Also I've dumped so much $ on travel already... Would like to go down there sometime, but for now you may have to settle for Baby Bark.
  7. Bark Sanchez

    S@X 64 Weeklies In Baltimore, MD Every Monday

    lol Yobo was interested.
  8. Bark Sanchez

    S@X 64 Weeklies In Baltimore, MD Every Monday

    Also, here are the Nebulous videos I promised. JJ should have them on youtube for now but I have me vs firo on here https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6LN9YXCjmPtfkF1OGQxVExwQmJycnJxN0pqZlpDR043WTA5OHJUSVlHZmFHU0FyUl9ZWnM
  9. Bark Sanchez

    S@X 64 Weeklies In Baltimore, MD Every Monday

    I haven't actually done the math but you're probably either behind me or Clubba now. 3rd or 4th seed, depending on if he shows. Yobo putting in serious work
  10. Bark Sanchez

    Super Smash Con 2015

    Yeah I'm sorry I had to go and lose to Czar. The college roommates storyline was cool but the rematch on the grand stage would've been hype.
  11. Bark Sanchez

    MDVA versus Out of State - The Crew Battle at Super Smash Con

    Defeated yet again by Bark the Shark, Kero's Kryptonite, his Keroptonite.
  12. Bark Sanchez

    Super Smash Con 2015

    Bark the Shark
  13. Bark Sanchez

    Super Smash Con 2015

    Kirb I deserved it.
  14. Bark Sanchez

    Smashcon Shoutouts Thread

    Triple Thunder
  15. Bark Sanchez

    N64 Console Netplay

    Emulator has a different look and feel than console.
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