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  • Man, has a year almost passed since that post before Fans? How fast!

    Happy Birthday ♥!
    Happy Birthday Blash! ♥ Heres some bad art for you!
    I hope you have a great day!

    But its a fun annoying match up I cant really complain :3

    Marf is so fun to fight.
    Oh boy, I'm so in trouble ;~;

    That said now that I have two marfs to play, I can say that marth is so efffing annoying :3
    You would never to be able to over come dlws post!
    I have nothing to fear (smirk2)
    Well, if you hate peaches, learn peach. NOBODY knows how to play the ditto with their own character lol.

    P.S. wifi is no fun when youre not on! i have to keep putting up with scrub lag tactics
    Lets see...I played J :D
    The matches were super fun though, I just got my butt kicked....a lot!

    My Irl friend is also a Peach player....;-;
    So I get to lose to her a lot, I just can't beat them Peachies ♥

    *note to self: bug Blash for more matches*
    Nah I like Peachy!

    And you were the second annoying Peach I fought that day :)

    I really am surprised about that lack of lag! oh my.
    1. ow my hands :mad:
    2. I hate Marf :mad:
    3. How the heck do I fight Fox??? :mad:

    also I am tired of fighting you peach people :mad:
    That was only once though ;;
    I get the feeling if we ever try that again the internet will blow up or something.
    Oh snap o.o

    My friend and I barwl sometimes ;; hes the only one I don't feel bad lagging with!
    I needs some arc rise fantasia! Ive been looking forward to it coming out! Ill probably get (tos)dawn of the new world as soon as I get a new usb drive. I'm such a pirate now :(
    Good I'm glad that you are doing well and looking for work! ♥
    *black-power highfive*

    Good luck! (alsoo dudeee you need to reply on my page! I never know when you respond)
    Just postin to say i still exits. Ive just been trying to find a job and act like i have some sort of real life to attend to.
    I done heard you uped and vanished!
    I hope you're doing okay for whenever you get to read this!
    hey mang im thinking of coming to TAG this sat, was wondering if u were going and if maybe u cld house me possibly? if u can i can drive us there and stuff so just let me know! ima be working to pay for the drive this week so just leave me a message whenev u can

    I Am Pretty Sure Im Going To Marry Teran And Lyhthium! Though I Dont Know Them Well!
    Yeah I remember being absolutely crushed when he died in the first anime.

    I'm reading the manga and ITS SO GOOD. I mean the action sequences aren't as cool as they are in the Anime but still this is the best way to get the plot.

    SOOO much **** goes down.

    King Bradley is such a great character.

    I wanted them to change the whole RIP Hughes part. He must LIVE! Seeing him die once was enough, but now i get to see it with amazing color and more fluid animation. Im totally following the storyline better this time tho for some strange reason.
    what change to the story line did you want?

    just finished episode 17.
    I am now downloading the Manga. did You know that were only up to like chapter 36 of the manga with 17 episodes? and there are like 97 chapters out?

    FMA Brotherhood makes the old anime look like total crap in comparison.

    so much tigher pacing.

    the **** is going down!
    Yea i was hoping for one specific change to the storyline but sadly i did not get my wish. I kinda got hooked after seeing the first episode and the fight secene(s).
    I'm watching FMA Brotherhood because of you.

    I watched the full old anime like 4 years ago but now I'm watching it again and the dramatic stuff is TOO GOOD.

    hate the comic relief stuff, its too lame. especially if its like right ****ing in the middle of a battle Ewww
    i can give you some epic gurenn lagann shades if you want. Its all I know how to do for right now lol. Photoshop costs money yanno.
    cause foo you posted in a thread i had subscribed :) plus i searched my name and you had mentioned me in the marth metagame thread :p
    I am asking everyone who voted on the Metaknight Ban thread their opinion again, since over the course of time, many people brought up many more points, possibly changing the way that those that already voted think (most recently the results at Apex). I'm going to list the results of people's new thoughts in another thread (although I'll have to do it much later), and I'd love it if you could message me with your standing. Do you think Metaknight deserves:
    Temporary Banishment,
    A Rule Change,
    or are you unsure at the momment?
    Private messages so I can count the responces and tally properly would be greatly appreciated, but anyway of messaging will do fine.
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