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    Melee Commentator Tier List

    Your list is solid IMO. I generally agree with it. However, I disagree with a few outright. 1) I think you are too hard on toph. I think he can be funny, and I like his chemistry with Scar. I feel like they belong in the same tier because they go hand in hand. I, personally, love listening to...
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    If melee HD is released some time recently, should Nintendo attempt to balance the game?

    I disagree. When Brawl came out, melee was in danger of dying because everyone wanted to play the new game. It is not because of the number of characters there were or how balanced it was [or wasn't] that discouraged us from playing brawl, it was because of the lack of movement options...
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    If melee HD is released some time recently, should Nintendo attempt to balance the game?

    This. I can't stress this enough. If they nerfed high tiers, I can see those users becoming discouraged with the game. I think melee would be amazing if only low tiers / mid tiers were buffed. Furthermore, I WOULD NOT want patches or DLC or anything of the sort. I don't like the idea of the tier...
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    Melee or Smash 4?

    guys its really simple. lets go through his criteria: DLC: melee wins over smash 4 large scene: melee has more tournies as well as better and more profitable ones. think of pound, mlg, smash summit, etc. if we acknowledge those two things that he was concerned about, melee is obviously the...
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    best combo video ever?

    Agreed. I think that all of dbr's videos were extremely influential but shined blind shined (pun intended) the most. That video demonstrated technology that 99.9 percent of players couldn't fathom at the time. I watched that video a million times back in the day because it was so mesmerizing...
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    Thoughts on Wobbling?

    Wobbling is fine. As people have said, I dont remember the last time ice climbers have won a national. If it was so broken or unfair, we would have the likes of wobbles or chu or nintendude or fly winning national after national. Like seriously, when was the last time ice climbers won a major?
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    Anywhere to play melee in miami?

    This is definitely your best bet: As someone said earlier, facebook is the place to go for these sorts of things.
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    Genesis 3: Smash Draft 2016 Preview

    Geez...hungrybox's team is looking pretty good to me. Not only does he have PPMD, but I feel like MacD is a STRONG and underrated second pick for a crew battle. Those three alone are good enough to win the crew battle.
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    Can someone please answer these questions??? :)

    So while I am inactive in the smash scene, I am still a HUGE fan of the game and still follow the story lines closely. So if you guys haven't already, check out Beyond the Summit's channel - they have some great interviews: That being...
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    Seattle Melee Smashers

    I suppose you can try looking in here, although there doesn't seem to be a lot for what you are looking for, especially if you are looking for something very active: However, like EPsilon933 sad, it may be time for you to adapt and just get FB. It...
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    MIOM 2015 SSBMRank discussion

    thanks for the data! it also substantiates my claim that hungrybox is second! ;)
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    MIOM 2015 SSBMRank discussion

    My top ten: 1) Armada - no explanation needed 2) Hungrybox - i didnt want to take the easy way out and put both hungrybox and leffen tied here. the reason why i gave hungrybox the edge is because he is so damn consistent. people forget that leffen had a pretty rough start to 2015. he dominated...
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    University of Akron

    I'm sure there is a scene close by. Next time, you should post this question in the Melee Discussion forum! That being said, there are two places you can check: 1) 2)...
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    The best player(s) for every character.(28.08.15)

    Chu had one good tourney this year. It was a great run at evo 2015 so congrats to him. It was amazing. However, it was only ONE tourney. To say chu is the best IC's player based on one tourney is silly. As someone pointed out, Wobbles did beat M2k, bad hands or not. I don't see Chu nor Fly...
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    PPMD and M2K

    It PPMD doesn't go, it wouldn't surprise me. However, if he did go, it also wouldn't surprise me. TBH5 is already going to be the third largest tournament in the history of Melee. If they can extend the amount of people who can register, it will easily be the second largest tournament ever. PPMD...
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