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    Leffen a 6th God in melee

    As far as I consider, the term "god" is reference towards player those posses the potential to win big national. For some (Hbox, M2K and Leffen) it needs a big amount of consistant gameplay and a little amount of "luck" (meaning, Armada being in a bad condition when facing M2K; M2K not being at...
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    "Ask Not for Whom the Bell Tolls..." Game and Watch Matchup + Discussion

    Does anyone agree with me, that GW makes great lucario counter? I came to conclusion after playing tons of friendlies with my friend who is Lucario-main and the more we play, the more he struggles with my GW. It seems that Lucario's approaches are easily countered by GW's attack those posses...
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    Why is GaW considered bad?

    Judging GW as "bad" in PM 3.5 is kinda strange as the metagame still is under development and there and almost every character is capable of doing well in high level. I think GW is somewhere around mid-tier, with potential to take down many popular toptiers. Yes, his defensive gaming is still...
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    [Jan 9-11 2015] B.E.A.S.T 5 - Apex World Circuit Official European Event - SSBM/SSBU/PM (Gothenburg)

    I think it's game on then 8). I usually do 1-5€ MM (Think that is about 10 - 50 SEK)
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    [Jan 9-11 2015] B.E.A.S.T 5 - Apex World Circuit Official European Event - SSBM/SSBU/PM (Gothenburg)

    I'm also interested playing some high level PM money-matches! I play pretty much everyone in the roster :P.
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    Discussion: Your thoughts so far on 3.5 Lucas?

    From my honest opinion Lucas changed way too much. Not saying balancing the cast is bad thing or that Lucas has made 180 turn from high tier to low tier. No. I just feel like that I had polished my gameplay with Lucas into very good only short after this new version came out. And the gameplay...
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    COMEBACK I [Melee] 1.-3.8.2014 (Helsinki, Finland)

    I don't know is there going to be separated results / shoutouts thread, but I move this post there whenever the topic opens: Shortly: It was great to have so many people outside of Finland joining in this event and making this the biggest tournament we've ever had in Finland! Much appreciaited...
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    COMEBACK I [Melee] 1.-3.8.2014 (Helsinki, Finland)

    Throughout the weekend: I'll be up for PM money matches 8)
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    Tier List Speculation

    A little bit out of current discussion, but I have too much sparetime and I'm willing to throw out my own pekulation about possible tierlist. It is anything but correct, but it reflects my personal experiences I've learned from PM so far. There is plenty of characters in a roster those posses...
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    Tier List Speculation

    I'm suprised that there is almost no discussion about DK (I didn't read every page, but somes here and there and ether I missed all those pages, or no one has talked anything about DK) DK:s large size and lack of projectile truly gives him trouble in some match ups (Pit, Falco, Snake, diddy...)...
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    Donkey Kong's matchup thread

    I've played DK since the release of project M 3.0 and I've found him very versatile character. I've got high record so far playing against locals and I'm willing to develope DK as far as he can possibly go. But there are few match up I got very few experience, those should be important to know...
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    DK Tactical Discussion: Official "Ask Strong Bad Stuff.. About Stuff" thread

    never mind. Posted this on other topic :)
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    Suomipoijat. Teitä ei oo näkyny smashfinlandissa hetkeen. Turnee hesassa elokuun 1.-3. jengiä...

    Suomipoijat. Teitä ei oo näkyny smashfinlandissa hetkeen. Turnee hesassa elokuun 1.-3. jengiä tulossa ruottista asti
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    Brawl, Melee & Project M APEX 2014 Results - January 17-19, 2014 - Somerset, NJ

    does full results about melee doubles exist anywhere? Would love to know how kage+axe or amsa+vectorman did :P
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    Event - Apex 2015 Why is Brawl not being streamed this Apex?

    I don't get how this brawl vs. Melee still keeps coming up as a discussion topic and there is yet another point of view for it. This is literally same **** that just been offered in a different pack. Kinda funny how people now point out spectators and youtube viewers. Like that proves anything...
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