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Recent content by azzucips

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    Event - EVO 2016 How many stage bans for Smash 4 at EVO 2015?

    I like getting 2 bans just to get rid of 2 out of the 3 horrible, horrible counterpick stages (Duck Hunt and Delfino).
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    Brawl Gets an Optimized Netplay Codeset

    So this is basically better than Brawl.
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    Omni Releases Controversial Video On Smash 4

    Ansossy with that bait
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    The Illinois Smash 4 Power Rankings Thread!

    Honorable mentions: 16. Azzu :4fox:
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    Smash Entertainment - Do You Fox Wit It?

    Who is Flash?
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    Letter to the Community - From the PMDT

    I appreciate everything the PMBR has done with the game, really. But this post literally gave us no information at all and is not important whatsoever.
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    Tier List Speculation

    Lazarond mains Pichu :P However, he's been picking up YL, and he beat some random sheik player at a WDW one day rofl. Then I completely annihilated him. I think Hylian said Link's grab is 62 frames . Pivot grab is 58.
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    Tier List Speculation

    Nerf Link's boomerang.
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    Midwest [Oct 28, 2015] Wavedash Wednesday (Oak Park, IL)

    Yo, you have to be a Dark Lord to play G&W, come on Oro.
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    Smash WiiU & 3DS Miiverse Daily Pic - March 4th

    It seems like they're showing off what ISN'T going to make it into Smash 4, rather than what IS going to make it :/
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    [Feb 22, 2014] RESULTS - "SUBURB SMASH 1" presented by WCG (Lisle, IL)

    For the earlier WiiChuk stuff, the WiiChuk hinders a (small) part of your game due to all the buttons being digital. This means that if you try to L-cancel something and get knocked down, you're pretty much guaranteed to miss your tech.
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    Event - Apex 2015 Re: Apex feedback

    This may not concern you since you were a Melee TO, but from my experience, it seemed like the Brawl pool leaders were complete assholes and just DQ'ed people nearly immediately if they weren't found in 10 seconds. I got DQ'ed from winners AND losers immediately after a few games in my PM pool...
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