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  • heh. That assumes that there's a day I don't remember.... If there's a day YOU don't remember, however, maybe I'm not the one who should be worried . . .
    I'm actually on Zelda chat these days, but the only time I saw you there was when I was in class (I save my firefox browser)

    edit: might as well ask you here, any recommendations for a song to do choreo with, I wanna try something new and got a try-out coming up soon.
    So we have 2 days to set up our tourney match... when do you want to do it? And meet in zelda xat?
    Hey man; got your message. I've been at Hobo so sorry I wasn't here to get your contact stuff sooner. I added you on AIM and if I see you on, I'll send you a message, but if you can, it'd be best to wait until Saturday to do our match. I'm on college internet right now (which lags BAAAAD), and I'll be home on Saturday with a MUCH better connection.
    Lol, same here, but yea, that's the way it is, right? We need to create a Pinoy public user group though.

    Also, Zelda chat's not letting me on, I need a mod to approve me, but I can't actually see the mods when I go.
    Yea, we've got a few azn zeldas, but for some reason I you're the only other pinoy I know of that plays Zelda, I know there are a couple of others in the community though, CiTH the sonic player for example. Though, I guess I can figure out why there's only a few pinoy zeldas.

    Anyway, yea def, I know there are other dancers around, might be just the Zelda boards (being the designated "gay" community).
    Hell yea, I brought up dancing earlier in the thread, nobody really wanted to talk about it, even after I posted the "tutting nuns" vid.

    Got some pinoy blood, but not a lot, it's overwhelmed by the Irish, Jewish, Eastern European, and Polish. Same with the Spanish.

    But I act mad Pinoy, combination of mannerisms I picked up from hanging out with too many pinoy friends and always having something there for no reason.

    I'm mad involved with the local Filipino community too, before I knew I had the blood, it got me honorary status, lol.
    Randomly looked at the Zelda profiles and... **** yea, thought I was the only Zelda player who was a hip-hop dancer.
    Hey there, AzN. Had fun playing against your GaW, even though you totally kicked my butt. xD Would love to practice with you again sometime, whenever you feel up for it
    saw ur pic of ur YT page and got curious cuz i'm in the army too. still training, tho.
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