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Recent content by azianraven

  1. azianraven

    Dash Shine

    What a troll. This man just talking about one sole application of running shine. 5 bucks says he never posts again zzzz
  2. azianraven

    How do I invincible ledge dash?

    This tip actually helps a lot. Thanks :3
  3. azianraven

    Q&A -Fox Advice/Questions Topic-

    I only watched the falcon matches since that's the matchup I'm most comfortable with. Anyway, here's what I would work on if I was him. 1. Recover better. Brother just goes down south all the time and doesn't even try to sweetspot. Fox should almost never be recovering below the edge...
  4. azianraven

    Q&A -Fox Advice/Questions Topic-

    So if I throw an aerial following the tech chase or standing tech, falco's shine wouldn't outprioritize or beat out my aerial? Also, I don't know how many players (let alone falcos) do this, but I play against a falco who buffers his spotdodge, sometimes doing it two to three times. Do you...
  5. azianraven

    Q&A -Fox Advice/Questions Topic-

    I always seem to have a hard time versus Falco. Whenever I get a shine off, grab, etc. that knocks falco down, I get caught by tech shine a bunch and if I wait for it, falco either resets position or he gets me in dair, another shine, and other falco shenanigans. I'm pretty sure if I read...
  6. azianraven

    Convincing Your Parents to Let You Travel to OOS's - a short guide.

    Also helps if your family has $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  7. azianraven

    Gainesville Florida Smash and Heroes Of Newerth Chit-Chat

    Gainesville Smash is still alive. Here: http://www.facebook.com/groups/125733910821001/
  8. azianraven

    Revenge of the Indians! ~300$ Bonus Pot~

    The real question is, just to clarify, will there be that prime pizza like last time?
  9. azianraven

    Let's get down to business...

    I got a basketball jones baby oooooo-oo-ooooooooooooo
  10. azianraven

    FullMetal proudly presents: Tipped Off 8!

    Another Tipped Off =]
  11. azianraven

    Official Florida Melee Power Rankings: Updated 1/7/12

    Yo I wanna play with Flowin. Hit us up in Zero Ping. It's a LAN center in hollywood
  12. azianraven

    Attack of the Indians Results

    This tourney was mad ballin. Tons of people, tons of setups, and FOOOOOOOD. Keep making this happen Bairjew!! 10/10 would come again
  13. azianraven

    Official Florida Melee Power Rankings: Updated 1/7/12

    Holy crap it's Flowin o_o
  14. azianraven

    ATTACK of the INDIANS "A.I."

    **** that noise. it's very possible i'm showing up to this now.
  15. azianraven

    ATTACK of the INDIANS "A.I."

    Woowwwwwwwwwwww. Have an exam on this day. lameeeeeeeeeeeeee
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