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    Reads can only get you so far, in order to actually be good you have to choose moves that don't leave you too open and learn where and when to use them as well as learn guaranteed combos. As you said he isn't that good, if you don't look at your character than your more or less screwed since you...
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    Sure, post the video and I could look at some times where he leaves himself open or uses some bad options
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    Who is your favourite smash god? (poll)

    PPMD, used to be M2K for his incredible knowledge of the game, however to leave the smash spotlight for many months just to come back at Apex and keep his Apex crown is something insane so my hat goes off to PP.
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    Is project M going to die in a year or two?

    No way it's dieing anytime soon and the only reason people like to scream at the tops of there lungs "PM is dead" is simply to address VGBC's getting rid of Project M. Due to the fact that VGbootcamp is the number one watched stream when it comes to smash coverage lot of people thought that if...
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    Picking up Wolf!

    Hey cool to see your getting into Wolf, super fun character. First off in order to blaster waveland (A very good approach option) simply hit R to air dodge after the laser comes out in order to stop the long ending lag that the blaster usually has. As for a Dacus, a Dacus occurs when you cancel...
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    Converting From Wiimote To Gamecube/Pro Controler

    Definitely Gamecube, mapping of the buttons are good and the feel of the controller is way better than the thin Pro Controler, learn how to use the C-stick, when holding it left thumb should be on the analog stick, pointing finger should simply rest in front of the L button and the index finger...
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    What's the last character you would ever want to main?

    Meta Knight, I used to play him and found that the only way to play him and win was just to spam tornado and lost interest real fast, just so damn boring to play and really ruined playing Brawl for me, wouldn't touch him with a ten foot pole for maining.
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    How did you choose your main?

    Loved Ocarina of Time so played Zelda and then learned she was ****, learned you could Down-b to become Sheik and then fell in love with Sheik so much and began to main her. Played some Spacies on the side too because against some match-ups Sheik wasn't cutting it.
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    M2K versus Level 9 Ganondorf...

    I remember when I say this live, laughed so hard. I've tried this a couple of times too, so damn hard to do.
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    3 Player Online Locally?...

    Sadly this is not an option, would be something cool for Nintendo to link into later, however the local multiplier is in a completely separate area of the game and can not be combined, sorry.
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    [A]rmada and Android of PM?

    I would say Lunchables and Dakpo but you seem to have already seen em. Professor Pro and Armada had some great synergy in the tournaments they did play together in.
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    Which past stage is the best canidate for DLC?

    Personally I want FoD back, however I might be biased since I'm a Melee Sheik main making love that stage so much.
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    Is there a difference in input lag between the gamecube and the wii?

    No difference in Input lag for consoles, difference depending on the monitor/television you have though.
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    Decent Melee Sheik and Decent PM Wolf, play Smash because there is just no other fighting game...

    Decent Melee Sheik and Decent PM Wolf, play Smash because there is just no other fighting game like it.
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    I need Smash Community help to develop a useful tool for new players!

    Hey this sounds really cool, I'll fill out the survey for Sheik (Melee) , ZSS (Smash 4), Wolf (PM and Brawl), Meta (PM) and Falco (Melee). Good luck to you on this project.